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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Letter to Editor

The Sanctity of The Manipur Civil Service
Dr Kishan, SDO of Kashom Khullen, was an exemplary MCS officer who had the courage to sacrifice his life for the sake of justice. The brutal killing of this honest officer is a proof of the inability of the Government of Manipur to maintain law and order in the State. The heroism of Dr Kishan will be remembered by the people from generation to generation. May his martyrdom strengthen and sanctity the Manipur Civil Service ever more and better ever.
The decision of the Chief Minister of Manipur to induct the wife of late Dr Kishan into MCS proves that the Chief Minister and his Cabinet Ministers have no respect for the rule of law. This is a tragedy. In his article entitled 'The Manipur Bandh of February 2009' published in The Sangai Express dated 24-2-09 Shri H Bhuban tells us that the Government of Manipur has no Constitutional or legal authority to confer MCS/MPS status at its own sweet will because it is within the realm of the Manipur Public Service Commission which is a Constitutional Body. He urges the Chief Minister Shri O Ibobi Singh to swallow back his vomit of conferring MCS to the bereaved widow of Dr Kishan.
Let us look back to the days of the British administration in India. One day in the year 1879 Mr Damant, the first Deputy Commissioner of Kohima, approached the fortress of the village of Khonama from the fields below and he was shot dead from the ramparts. As a vengeance for the killing of the Deputy Commissioner, the British troops attacked five hostile villages and destroyed, and Jostsoma which is close by, was captured on 27 November and a portion of it was burnt. This was how the British administration took action against those who killed British officers.
Has the UPA led Central Government empowered the SPF Government of Manipur to make any Cabinet decision even if it may not be legal? (L) RK Robindro Singh, IAS and (L) T Thangthuam, IPS were killed by UGs while they were in service, but their bereaved widows were not conferred IAS/IPS or MCS/MPS. Partiality is not a healthy policy. If the SPF Government is to continue to extend the special facilities, namely, 1) conferment of MCS and 2) an ex-gratia payment of Rs 10 lakhs, to the widow of any MCS officer killed by UGs, I think many MCS officers may not fear to be killed by UGs.
Shri Loghan's article entitled 'Who will monitor the monitor of the monitor' which appeared in The Sangai Express dated 22-2-09 is full of wisdom. I want everyone to read it attentively, I want to reproduce here a few last sentences of the article in the hope that the words may inspire the readers to follow the path of righteousness; "Succumbing to the piecemeal compensation, however attractive they were, for short term solution will embolden the very hands that rock the cradle. We share your loss and sorrow, Mrs Thingnam, in this hour of extreme distress. At the same time, you also have an opportunity to follow the exemplary courage and moral standard set by your late husband Dr Kishan, by politely rejecting the appeasement offer (made by bending every possible rule) of political expenditures made by the very people who robed Dr Kishan (a beloved husband, a devoted father, a family man to the core, an inspiring teacher, and a budding reformist) from his family. Dr Kishan would have been proud of your exemplary courage and sacrifice, let's follow and stand by his principles and moral standards. Let us not shake hands with the very hands that are stained with Dr Kishan's blood."

Your faithfully,
T Gouzadou,

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