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Monday, November 23, 2009

GK Pillai assures elections to ADC

Ninglun Hanghal
NEW DELHI, Nov 22 : Demanding election to the Autono mous District Council, the Manipur Tribal Council, represented by its president HK Joute and the general secretary H Pauzalal submitted a memorandum to the President of India Pratibha Patil today.
The MTC leaders also met the Outer Manipur MP Thangso Baite and Home Secretary GK Pillai, besides other political leaders and put forward their grievances.
Speaking to this correspondent the Tribal Council Secretary H Pauzalal said that Home Secretary Pillai had given his assurance that the council election will be held at the earliest. He assured that he will pressurize the State Government for the same.
Further the Tribal Council secretary questioned why " the Panchayati Raj in the valley areas are being held regularly and are effectively functioning but why are the elections to the district councils being withheld ? If other North East States could enjoy such provisions, why not in Manipur ? "
He further noted that the special provision under the Indian Constitution, Article no 371 (C) has no meaning if the election of the districts is being delayed or withheld.
He said, " this is injustice and a step motherly treatment by the Centre as well as the State Government to the hill tribals of Manipur".
In the memorandum submitted to the President which was also addressed to the Prime Minister , the Chairperson of UPA Government, the Opposition leader, the Union Home Minister and the Governor of Manipur, the Tribal Council leaders requested that the State Government be asked to hold the ADC elections on or before 2009.(TSE)

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