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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Class boycott ends, Lup signs truce with govt All under preventive detention in relation to stir released unconditionally, seized properties returned

IMPHAL, Jan 8: The much anticipated moment of the people of the state finally arrived on Friday. Unyielding efforts of the senior citizens of the state ultimately bore fruits. They have finally managed to get the government and Apunba Lup signed a memorandum of understanding, MoU, today to end up the current impasse in the agitation in the aftermath of the July 23 Khwairamband firing.
Not long after reaching the truce, Apunba Lup who has been spearheading the agitation along with AMSU, MSF, KSA and the two JACs of the two victims, today decided to suspend their agitation and informed their class boycott call is over and educational institution can resume normal classes from January 11.
The MoU signed between the conflicting parties said all persons under preventive detention in connection with the protests that followed the July 23 incident would be unconditionally.
It also said all seized materials in operations on the issue would also be released.
Further, adequate compensation would be given to (L) Rabina Devi and the injured as per law, that the state government reassured that all cases of complaints in any of the CI operation would be looked into promptly.
Reciprocally, the Apunba Lup, AMSU, MSF, KSA and the two joint action committee of (L) Sanjit and (L) Rabina agreed to suspend all forms of agitations, including the education boycott call, launched in connection with the above mentioned incidents, with immediate effect.
Altogether 10 representatives including three co-ordinators of the Apunba Lup, presients of AMSU, MSF, KSA, convener and co-convener of the two JACs, represented the agitating groups in the truce signing, while on the government side, the chief minister Okram Ibobi headed the team which included his cabinet colleague Paarijat, Jayenta, Ranjit, Debendra, Biren and DD Thaisii along with chief secretary, DGP, commissioner Home and Advocate general. 
Three members of the senior citizens forum, Khaidem Mani, Prof. Sadananda and N.Binoy, who were the peace brokers in the four month long drama, were also part of the mediation.
The talks started from around 10 am in the morning and lasted till afternoon.
The Senior Citizens' Forum for Society, Manipur, has been actively involved in mediating the talks between the Apunba Lup and the government. The first round of talk was held on October 31 and since then there has been several rounds of talk to deliberate the issue.
In a press meet held this afternoon at the office of Senior Citizens' Forum, Khaidem Mani said that the members of the forum have succeeded in fulfilling the wishes of the general public by ending the impasse which has greatly affected the whole education sector of the state.
He further stated that the forum has been urging both the Lup and the government to soften their stances in the interest of the people of the state and added that they are doing all these things not for any personal benefit or favour from the government.
The senior citizens only wanted the state to be peaceful so as to ensure students proper education in the light of today's highly competitive world, he added. 
The forum has also expressed desire to mediate the dialogue for resolving the present arm conflict which has shattered the tranquility of the state.
Further, the secretary of the senior citizens' forum informed that the annual general body meeting of the forum would be held on January 21 at Singjamei Thongam Leikai.
There would also be discussions on ways to mediate the present arm conflict in the state and its possible solutions.
On the other hand, a statement released by the Working Committee of the Apunba Lup, WCAL, said they decided to suspend their agitation to provide the government with the opportunity to demonstrate its sincerity in initiating necessary action as per the findings of the CBI to which the July 23 case has recently been handed over.
The WCAL release also reiterated that educational institute can now resume normal classes from January 11.
It said that the decision of the state government to hand over the July 23 incident to the CBI is itself an achievement of the peoples' agitation adding that it was a victory.
It held that the agitation has also achieved the objective of exposing to the masses as well as to the world the true colour of the government.
It also profusely thanked the determination and co-operation extended by the people in making the prolonged agitations bear fruit and added that with such endorsement from the people the WCAL felt that the society could be freed from oppressive government functioning behind the mask of democracy.
It also said the failures encountered during the agitation should also serve as lesson for one and all.
The agitation's biggest achievement however is in its success in building unity among among the civil society organization, students bodies and the people, added the WCAL statement.
Further the statement said that although the government has been elected Class boycott ends, Lup signs truce with govt
through peoples' vote however the representatives failed to abide by the rule of law and this amounts to challenging democracy.
It did this blatantly by unleashing a reign of terror by killing at will adding that in the year 2009 alone, around 400 lives had been lost in fake encounters, custodial killing etc filling the land with cries for justice.
It held that it cannot be ruled out that democracy no longer exists in the state as no one is abiding by the rule of law. Even the established law has failed to take action against the chief minister for misleading the highest institution of democracy, the Manipur Assembly. It also failed in hauling up police officers passing on false statements adding even the MLA do not raise any opposition for these acts of demeaning the august House.
All this is covered up in the name of counter insurgency it said.
Further the WCAL extended its apologies for the hardship caused to the people and thank them for their patience in bearing out with teh Apunba Lup in the fight for justice.
If the government is not sincere and tries to cover up the crimes of the guilty, the Apunba Lup would be all ready to embark on another agitation, and it appealed to the people to be prepared to go along with it.(IFP)

Free coaching classes to make up for losses: Jayenta

IMPHAL, Jan 8: The education minister, L. Jayentakumar has announced for a special package including free coaching camps for the students to compensate the losses sufferred during the class boycott stir.
In a press meet held this afternoon at the official quarter, Jayenta said that the impasse prevailing in the education sector for the past four months has ended with the signing of MoU between the government and the Apunba Lup and so also the students should not hesitate to attend regular classes.
He also appealed to parents and guardians of the students along with school transporters to render cooperation to resume classes as soon as possible and added that the government cannot force the school authorities to hold classes on holidays owing to some legal obligations.
He advised the teachers to arrange special classes on holidays voluntarily for the students to cover up the syllabus within a short period of time and added the government would soon take a decision as to whether the private schools would be given some funds for payment of salaries to the teacher.
He also stated that the students would not be given promotion without holding any kind of examination and a new academic calendar similar to that of CBSE would be effective from this year onwards.
In view of the ensuing board examinations, special coaching classes have been arranged to facilitate not only the students of government schools but also other intending students of private schools, he maintained.(IFP)

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