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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guite Road black day to be observed on Jan 11

S Singlianmang Guite
Lamka, Jan 8: Upset over the persistent apathy of the Government in fulfilling the public's long wishes of handing over Guite Road to the BRO, various civil societies in the district has planned to observed January 11 as 'Guite Road Black Day' and organize a mass protest social work along the road under the aegis of an 'organising committee'. 
The black day is to show the displeasure of the public to the Government and to reiterate the demand for good road condition. 
In a statement issued following their survey, the ZSF has alleged that the road is deplorable and termed the bridges as 'time bombs', ready to explode any moment. 
Recalling their demand since 2005 and the subsequent Cabinet decision to hand over the entire Guite Road to the BRO in 2006, wherein the Chief Minister himself had cited to the BRO that it is, 'the aspirations of the people of the State and Churachandpur District in particular,' the statement wondered why the Works Department in its notification on June 2009 only specified Singngat-Behiang and Sinzawl- Dialkhai. 
What compelled the State Government to backtrack from its own decision and under what circumstances the Cabinet decision was cancelled or over ruled, it questioned further and demanded to know why, in the Chief Minister's own word, 'the aspirations of the people of the State and Churachandpur District in particular' was sacrificed. 
One of the organisers in the proposed 'black day' organizing committee told The Sangai Express that the Ministry of Defence, GOI has approved to maintain the existing Tedim Road (CCpur-Behiang) and Guite Road (Singngat-Sinzawl-Dialkhai) to CL-9 enhanced specification under GS funding in February 2009, but the Works Department's reluctance to let-off their hands along the road is hindering the execution. 
He went on alleging that the Department has often cited 'balance' in NEC fund for the Guite Road as one of their excuses. 
"If that is so, why the Government has not diverted that fund for other developmental works in the State if not in the district, as was the case for Sinzawl-Dialkhai (NEC Road) instead of sacrificing the popular aspiration", he asked. The works of BRTF on other highways, wherein they were working under the State Government's specification would not be comparable to the works they were about to take-up under GS funding of the Ministry of Defence, 'there is a huge difference,' he added. The organizers also called the black day observance imperative as they alleged that the Government's apathy has crossed the limits of human tolerance and Ngasuan-bridge like tragedy is bound to happen anytime. 
More than 20 people were killed in the Ngasuan tragedy, when a bridge cave-in along with the truck they were traveling. 
All vehicular movement along the Guite Road will, other than those engaged in the programme will be restricted added the organi- zers that called on the general public to contribute one day work for the protest.(TSE)

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