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Monday, August 31, 2009

Jawan dies of ‘flu’ in Manipur


Imphal, Aug. 29: Experts of the Manipur medical directorate today sent throat and nasal swabs of a rifleman of the Assam Rifles, who died yesterday, to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Delhi for confirmation whether the death was caused by H1N1 virus.

Sushil Kumar Negi, who hailed from Himachal Pradesh, died at a military hospital at Leimakhong army cantonment in Sadar Hills of Senapati district yesterday after undergoing treatment at the hospital for a few days.

The body was brought to the RIMS mortuary for post-mortem today.

The rifleman, belonging to 30 Assam Rifles, was posted at Singhat in Churachandpur district along the Myanmar border. He was brought to the military hospital a few days back.

After the doctors at RIMS recorded the medical history of the jawan, who suffered from fever, vomiting and cold, they informed the swine flu control room opened at the state medical directorate.

Suspecting that it could be a case of H1N1, the swine flu control room provided the medical staff with protective gear to perform the autopsy.

A source in the medical department confirmed that samples of the deceased jawan was collected and sent to Delhi today.

The state swine flu nodal officer, Th. Bhubonchandra Singh, who is also the additional director, however, said that there was no reason for panic as nothing was known at this moment about the cause of the death. So far only one case of swine flu has been detected in Manipur while there have been six cases in Meghalaya, two in Mizoram and nine in Assam.

In an unrelated development, the death of over 100 pigs at Nayabazar, Jengrai, Jengrai Chapori, Phuloni, Serapai and Ratanpur Miri villages in Majuli within a fortnight has triggered fears of outbreak of swine flu among animals in the river island. Medical experts from Jorhat have been dispatched to take stock of the situation.

Blood donation

Manipur chief secretary D.S. Pooniah today led the way in donating blood at a daylong camp at the state secretariat.

Bureaucrats and other officials of the state secretariat also donated blood. This is the first time that such a camp has been organised in any government department in the state. The programme was organised by the Manipur AIDS Control Society.

The state government has plans to hold such voluntary blood donation camps for government officials at the deputy commissioners' offices in the nine districts.

Sunday, August 30, 2009



Zan lam in MIPI' TALKS ON ADC/MDC a sutzopna hong hong ki upload a, tu
in a topna tan hong ki koih khe zou khawngkhawng hi.

Hiai toh kisai kup nop leh gen leh sak nop nei te'n
lyanguite@gmail.com ah comment a piak theih gige ding hi.


-Admin The LamkaTimes

Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Open Press Release on D.C

August 29, 2009 zingkal baihtak in Lamka khopi sung lampi ah Laisan
(Red Paper) a ki gelh "An Open Press Release on D.C" chih a gelh tu
theih louh in theh zak hi. Ahi bangbang lasawn in mundang a om te leh
huchi bang ana mu kha lou te khual na in hiai ah hong ki post hi. La
sawn ut te'n deih dandan a lak sawn phal himahleh, a lak na uh source
gelh thei zel le uh chih deih dan ahi.
- Admin The LamkaTimes.

An Open Press Release on D.C
It's an open press release on Mr. Sumant Singh, DC Churachandpur
District on behalf of public villagers draw the attention of all right
thinking citizens of Manipur. As a whole and a charismatic leaders
politicians in particular, staff of DC CCpur District, Lhungpu,
Thangmawi, Shashi on student leader side Mr. Pumminthang (Thangboi)
student president are they are contractor or authorize to work
development funds, such as community Hall, Drain culvert, BDO Office,
Black Topping of roads and IVR, FCS Godown. The staff of DRDA should
get their pay and salary where as they are sub-contractor of Mr.
Sumant Singh, DC CCpur District.
That the poor and helpless villagers of these two are deadly against
the step motherly treatment meted out to them by the Deputy
Commissioner CCpur District Mr. SS., IAS. The DC in question Mr. SS in
collusion with some crooked social worker and some students leader of
course with a good understanding of % percent have time and again
misappropriated all the development funds, such as BRGF MOBC ARY BADP
etc. These funds are really meant for development fund for the poor
villagers and rural areas, which is now instead becoming an "easy
money" for few crooked social workers and student leaders but not for
the poor people.
So, we the public of Churachandpur District urge, Minister, MLA, MP
to bear all the responsibility to look into the matter seriously so
that the development funds meant for the villagers should reach its
destination and not be misappropriated. In fact the public funds are
misappropriated again the "Truth Leaders" of student leader and social
worker must carefully. Truth leaders in Churachandpur District is most
needed urgent now. As well as those social worker and students leaders
who are involving in this connection of this development funds must be
"socially boycotted". All community leaders of students and social
workers must look and watch the duty its officer, But not in a pit
pocket of officers who has been posted at Chakpikarong as SDO and
upgraded as DC since 2006. Let him be degraded again to SDO.
Hence, we the public of Churachandpur District are not at all
satisfied over DC of his misappropriation of Development Fund. All
consequences of public's wrath is on Deputy Commissioner,
Churachandpur District.

The 29th August 2009 Public Opinion

ZSF refutes report, clarifies

By S Singlianmang Guite
Lamka, Aug 28 : Terming the news report carried in the August 28 issue
of this paper carried today under the caption 'UG hand likely to
cripple road works' as factually incorrect and mis-leading, Zomi
Students' Federation today issued a clarification based on four facts.
Firstly, the federation said, it has been constantly pressurizing the
State and Union Government since 2005, to hand over the construction
of Guite Road to the BRO. For this a Cabinet resolution was adopted by
the State Government in 2006, and that the reported official version
of handing over of Guite Road to BRO, depends on political decision,
not only negates but also a mockery of the Cabinet resolution adopted
in 2006, it added.
The first phase of Guite Road, widening and earth work, was executed
with a huge amount of Rs 22 crores, during which, the PWD was too
preoccupied with the fund released that they had no time to complain
about UG hand, said the federation in its second point adding, now, as
the fund has dried up, the State PWD is now busy toying with some
mischievous agenda so that the remaining Rs. 60 crores are released.
In its third point the student body said that it is forced to launch
agitation against the non-fulfilment of Cabinet resolution of 2006,
and accordingly all works executed by the State PWD have been halted,
the Department and the Minister concerned are boycotted.
The ZSF led by its President has maintained a strict vigil against the
intrusion of the department since, all this has halted all pending
works of the department.
A misadventure of the department on the pretext of a minister visiting
the interior villages in Churachandpur on August 21 by sending a JCB
and department gypsy was greeted with a red card by ZSF volunteers on
August 22. Hence it is not the hand of UG as published in The Sangai
Express, it maintained.
For their fourth argument, the ZSF said, Works commissioner R Muivah,
who visited Guite Road and was upset with the condition, given the
fact that Rs. 22 crores have been utilized, categorically stated
officials will be pulled up for the pathetic condition of Guite Road.
With this the department has no other option but to play trick to
cover up their unscrupulous deeds, the ZSF alleged and declare to the
public that the truth does not depend on the lies spread by the
officials of the state PWD.
Pledging to relentlessly pursue their demand, the federation said it
would continue demanding the handing over of construction of Guite
Road to the BRO until it is met.
With so much of pressure and efforts already invested for years - be
it on the public domain, civil societies or the media fraternity it is
insane that an elected government still opted for a blame-game rather
than realizing the will of the people.(TSE)

Friday, August 28, 2009



Zan lam in MIPI' TALKS ON ADC/MDC video tamlou hong ki post khia hi.
Light leh Internet ginat louh luat man in deih bang in hong ki upload
thei kei a poi pet mah hi. Hiai leng a top na ahi nai tuan kei a,
series khat in a sam lai in. Huai pen leng abaih thei pen in upload ki
sawm ding hi. Ngai na tu te'n na hon theih siam uh ka hon ngen uhi.


-Admin The LamkaTimes


Kristian ihih ngalleh, bangziak a I heutu te/makai te gen sia a, mohsa
sa ihi ua, thumpih ding hizaw lou ding maw...?
- 9615237353
Pathian ni chiang a, kisinsaknate lunglut huai kasa thei lotel, nuam
kasa, Pathian in tanglai zawlneite' tungtawn a ana genkholh hontung
dingte sinsatu siamtak in honsinsak bang zaw nuam a, lunglut huai lua
ahi. Tulai hun nanung ahita, SWINE FLU khawng Kris hong paina ding
SIGN ahikhamoh kei ding unau....
- 9615269709
Tulai a khovel toh kibual te hih puaknat huai kasa, halhthakna
halhthakna mubang ngaihhuai sa ing e....!
- Tg. T. Enboy Tunglut. Khominthang, N Lamka (9615783790)
Gam leh nam ka it e, ka hu chi e, ka kha chi e, ka sa te-ek e, ka bui
mei gial e, I chih chih hang in, I omdan leh gamtat dante ua pan et in
kuamah gam it leh khual a om kei, Pu ZOUKHANKHUAL kia lou ngal.
- 9862199007
Power Minister leh a team te'n Zoudawn a phak un phattuamna tampi tak
hon tut ngei ka lamen a, kipahhuai kasa hi. Works Commissioner in
local contractor te "SHOW CAUSE NOTICE" piak ding achih in, a
zawntatna leh zulhzauna uh amu leh thei ding te mah in thei uh hi'n ka
ngai hi. Songtal tan kia hilou in zoudawn kilchih CM leh Minister te'n
kum 10 sung in khat vei beek phasuak zel le uh chih huai mahmah hi.
- Lamenlian, N Lamka (9862199007)
Tutung World Indigeneous Day ZHRF saina a I lawp leh I tualsuak pupa
gou leh tawndan/chiindan leh tualsuak muzik chi tuamtuam hon pholh
suah khe phengphong ua, lungsim na vak tuan mahmah ei. Indigeneous Day
kia lou Zomi Namni leh a dangdang khong ah tualsuak tak a iki cheini
uh hi leh a chih huai. Hih hoih mahmah u chiau ZHRF damsawt hen... Jai
- 9862247146
ADC/MDC i chihte khong a sai leh awlmoh ding tuam liauliau pawl phuh
tawm zel sang in, nam leh tribe level a pawlpi lian taktak i neihte'n
hon awlmoh in, mipi interest ihmut moh na in zang le hang, tua sang in
nakpi tak in i thil sai a effective zaw ding in ka gingta.
- 9862074506
Eilawi in nam vai genle hang lah i theih ngei louh mi thak Zomi suak
hang a, khotang vai genle hang lah nidang pupa lungsim leh
chihtaaknate nei nawnlou, mite hih dan leh thilthakte a siat leh hoih
na thei loupi a; zau pai gawp- diktatna, ginomna, kuhkalna chihte
mangngilh a, anuam leh baihlam kia zong a, iitna lam a lah mahni a di
kia buaipihta. Saptuam leh sabiak lam a lah nidang a pusa zahna i
neihte toh kilamdang vekta... I hihna mah pansan in kibul phuh thak
zaw le a hoih di.
- Zuansialching
India dan bupi leh solkar in Manipur singtangam ki vaihawmna dia
ADC/MDC a hon piak leh hon koihsak chi hang a; tua hiai kivaihawmna
koih dap a hihnung a, mumal loutak a ki etkolna ziak a, gam leitang
hamphat na tamtak mansuah a omta chih thei napi, bang ziak a nam makai
leh tribe tuamtuam heutute'n panlalou a, IDF/MTC pawl bawl tawmte
khong set bawl ahi di uh. Hiai khong nam leh gam toh kisai kha sa lou
uh a hi diam??
- 9862005131
Tutung Power Minister heu a khual zin na apan muhsuah- Local
Contractor te a diktat kei uh… Adik. Guite Road a hoih kei…. Adik. BRO
khut a piak khiat ding mah ahi…. Adik. Thu om sa Works Minister in aki
theih moh bawl mah ahi…. Adik. Ei ki koukou louh a amu ding te mah in
hong mu uh ahi.
- 9862353637
Private School leh College a leng hun sa lou, Teacher te kiang a
tuition la/Boarding a I om ke'h ki pass zoulou, ki Fail thei
(Principal hia? Question set te, Aihke'h Teacher te) Nu leh pa te pil
ahun! pil ahun!
- 9612364078
DC in Jawlnei bang deuh a, Kum 5 sung a Lamka a lampi te hoihvek di
achih peen, Kum 5 sung a Lamka mite diktat vekta di achihna ahi
diam..!!?? Diktat hile hang tua le hoih vek thei hi a..!! DC pa le
khoi maingal lo deuh I hita di uamm...!!??? A chalaak daan lah
ngaihtuahna neithei chiang te'n I thei vek thou ngal ua...!! DC amah
private Car a kitholh ngam i neih mai jeen uh, vai te peentak maw...?
- 9856361058
Ka vei leh ka puaknat mahmah khat ahih leh, Lamka Police Constable
khenkhat in a simmoh deuh te uh giahna Hotel khenkhat ah, bat siik
bang mai a sum nget a chiing mah mah ua, amau peg khat peg nih man
ding in hotel pu te kiang leh Customer te sum puak teng bang laaksak
in kiheem mang zeel uhi. Sum nongpiak kei uleh hong man ding kahi uh
chi'n vau pong mawk uhi. Atung ua mi (a Sia te uh), SP/OC te'n etkai
theih daan omlou adiam...? Pocket money zong dia duty kuan khia zeel
mai daan uh hih tuak kasa a, ana sep khiat uh neulua sa ingh....!!
IRB/Commando te hong om le uh leng, mipi ading in bangpi semkhe
tuankei zen si un teh maw..?? In lu suan ah sum hong baan nget lel na
ve uh, asep theih om sun uh hiveen....!!
- Huphur Family (9856942535)
NREGS nasep uthuai thouta maw...! nungakte heel theihna di chance
hoihpeen kichi a...!
- Muan a, Zogam (9615343959)
Tulai Vok natna (Swine Flu) kichi a vei atam mahmah ta. Huai natna ei
khua ah leng a omta. Tua natna apan kiven theihtawp a kiveeng in,ana
veikha te'n leng midang lohsawn louh na ding in kiveen daan siam le'ng
- Kengkuang/9615522348
Singngat, Thanlon, Henglep SDO office Lamka ah om chih mawk! Lamka SDO
office le Mizoram a aom khak ding lauhuai ei maw…. Huai bang
office/mun pawimoh te amunmun ah om thei leh, a gam mipi te'n lamka
tan paina bahara teng antang man dia zang thei ding uh hi a maw…. I
nam - I gam khangtou I chi diam diam, gual aw.
- 9862830633
Aw Dove Quarter, sawt na ki sel gu ngei uh…. Volume 7/8 tan bek hih
khe ding in hong kisa un. Local Icon khat suak na hih chiang un, na
gamtat na uah leh na om dan uah hong pil bang mahmah uh aw…
- 9436445139
Eimite chu, I ngaihtuah nate uh a mak thei maw... MIPI' AW hiai zah I
ngaihkhiat nung ua le, ki pahtawina/phatna kam zak ding om nailou
mawk… Kigen siatsiat in bangmah tan hon tunlou ding hi. Kipahtawi lam
pibawl zaw leng, I society a din a chidam huai zaw diam?
- 9958164903
I gam bangkim ah Toupa'n hon domsang hiaihiai ta-a, I kipak hi. Pilna,
siamna, hauhna genlouh lasiam tampi ahon pe lai a, kua nam leng I eng
tuan kei a, lungdam huailua hi. Himahleh, phatna lasa siam khenkhat
ten TV a la non sak chiang un puansilh ki lawmlou lua ban ah khekol
gak tenton toh, gil dok jen a bangchi lam hiamhiam a lam soisol a TV a
la non sakchiang un, et peih huai lou, banah, na siam nate uh ZERO
suak sak nahih man un, pammaih lopet mah hi. Pathian phat I chih ngal
leh kivatdan kilawm leh lamdan kilawm toh phat dan kilawm jong in
panla thak leng hoih lou ding hyam!! Ki ngaih tuah thak ni.
- Vungkhanthang, Tangnuam (9615275761)
Lamka le mipite innteek zoulou bang ta. Amasa a THAU dokkhe theite
innteek peen, abaan ah SUM neite, Vai Mahajon te nasan. A tawpna a MI
NARAN-MIPI tam zaw te. Social Thinker/worker te'n hon bawldik thei le
uh chih huai mahmah...!!!
- 9856361058
Laa CD Album bawl jeel te'n, laa khat sakna ah, kizepna puante kheek
kheek se lou in sa zel theile uh maw...? Mihing' thupina taaklatna a
zang lou in, I pa Pathian' loupi na taklang zaw zeel le'ng maw.
- 9856627212
August 27 ni a Pu T. Phungzathang in a thu gen electric ka pai chiah
ka pokik non kei di achih in mipi a kipak di'n I lam en hi. Himahleh,
migensiatna hituan lou in, a van hong tung in hon bawl khin le uh le,
anuai a sem te'n niteng 24 hours in hon paisak ding uam? Loadshedding
hong om get diam? A om leh le loadsheding hun hong tom deuh ding in i
lamen hi. Pu Thang damsawt hen.
- 9402262367
Tulai electrict apai hoih a, anuam e khai...! huchi kawmkal ah
Street-light hong ki fit thak zomah a.... Street light in lampi neh
deuh a bang a hiveen, tunung chiah i buai pih ngeingei ding uh gingta
hi veeng aw...! Ban ah, Vengnuam Biak-inn khang tan chauh Street
light leh lamlian om a, Vengnuam Road hikhalou/New Lamka khua hikha
lou a maw...?
- Pumbuaithang @ lacoz (9615947163)
Kongzing suk a Street Light vak phingpheng te'n na thupina puang zak,
Toupa ka khopi uh tawisang ut hina chia maw? Bravo!! Ministerpu nna
hon semzom zel ou.
- Halleluiah Dosto
Electric a pai chiang a, zatheihna teng a zang hang a.... a FEE i piak
toh kituak thou hina lou hiam?
- Muanlian' pa, Saimual Vang, Tangnuam (9612363861)
Kare! Tulai electrict hong pai hoih tawh, Street Light hong vak
zawkmah toh, Mialta, Khimziing nuai a khosate himahle hang, Van
Jersalem Khopi a leeng kakisa zou hial hi. Kisuanlah huai bang ahong
bang leh lam zozen….
- 9862160020
Electric niteng in natak dak 5 apan dak 10 tan pai leh maw…. Nitak dak
10 apan zinglam dak 1 kikal paizel pen, ei a di'n a zatna ding omlou
hi. Tua dan in pai zeel leh student te ading in le phatuam pen dia,
akua peuh adi'n leng hoih peen ding hi.
- Khupchinthang, G.Mualkoi (9615411106)
Mipi Aw tungtawn a mi kuapeuh in iki etthak a, zuih ding om te zui a
ki bawlphat tuak omte iki bawlphat keileh Mipi Aw a om bang a
aphattuam na om...!!?
- 9615237353
MIPI' AW Editorial Board in hiai bang program na hon patkhiat uh, hoih
kasa a, Nam leh Gam, Khotang na vei na uh ngaihsang huai ko'n sa hi.
Namuh kholhna uh hong tangtun ngei leng ka gingta hi. Ken chu business
hilou in REVOLUTIONARIES diktak na hi uh ka hon chi hi. Mi malmal in
a puaknat te hon a hong gen khawm te uh kan a MIPI' AW dang a om kei.
- 9957219295

“Guite road neglected”

From Kaimuanthang
Lamka, Aug 27 :
"I dont want the Guite road to be a playing ground for those money hungry and corrupted contractors who have never given an iota of concern for the people and their development" said the minister of power, soil & hort, Sc & Tech T Phungzathang during a press conference held at his residence at Ccpur .
The minister further said to due bad road conditions and lack of other development infrastructures residents of people to the areas Thanlon have been bypassed by development of the modern days .
Even after the central government approved of the handing over the Guite road from Singngat to Tuivai since the year 2006, why has it not been handed over to the BRTF he questioned while stating further that the 600 numkbers of manpower demanded by the BRTF are made ready.
The road being constructed with an amount of Rs 22 crores so far is so bad and deplorable that is questionable as to how as to how the money were spent while maintaining most of the contractors are non - locals of the district excepting some few people he said.
Stating his disappointment over the name given to Guite road as that of Singngat - Sinzawl road officially he said it should be called Guite road while pointing out his resolved to fight to the central govt level with all his might so to ensure that the road construction is really handed over to the BRTF for the sake of good road communication for that matter development of the neglected areas .
In this connection he said with all documents he will pressurise the central govt to hand over to the BRTF while calling all students union and the local publics to extend support in the ventures.
Regarding to the statement made by K Ranjit minister Works on the floor of the house recently he said he was not aware of the hending over of the road to the BRTF he said the statement is an immature and misleading to the house and the public as it was known to one and all that central approved and even the state cabinet has apporved construction works in favour of the BRTF.
He went on to say that Guite road has been the lifeline of the the people
Regarding power development he stated that through the schemes of RGJDYS , APDRP and others steps are on to provide proper light and electricity to all villages within the district apart from other parts of the state.
He said another 132 KV will be installed at the Khengjang sub-station and distribution line will be avail of up to all the localities in the town within this year so.(IFP)

Tonsing assures
S Singlianmang Guite
Lamka, Aug 27: In an un-precedented development for the aggrieving masses, particularly the student community, who have been consistently calling on the state government to entrust the BRO in constructing Guite Road, Power Minister Phungzathang Tonsing to-day assured that he will per- sonally see to it that the will of the people is respected and the unfailing requests of various student bodies is met.
In a statement, which can be interpreted as an imme-diate upshot on his recent trip along the battered Guite Road, Tonsing, also the mi-nister in-charge of Chura- chandpur pledged to fully back the ZSF and CDSU in their demand for the BRO to resume their work along the highway.
Tonsing initially made his statement at YPA Hall, New Lamka while launching a musical album of the 'Dove Quartette' and repeated the same during a press conference at his residence here.
'I have already taken a firm decision on my own that the BRTF should be entrusted in maintaining the Guite Road, and I will fully back the students community on their insistence for the BRO in this,' Tonsing told the press conference. He also expresses his concern on the Singngat to Sinzawl tag officials usually made when they referred to the Guite Road.
When asked for his comment on Works Minister K Ranjit's alleged remark in regards to Guite Road during the recent assembly sitting, Tonsing, also a cabinet minister said the remarks his colleague made were 'immature' and 'misleading to the house as well as to the people.'
'The Cabinet Decision to hand over construction of Guite Road to the BRO was adopted in 2006, and I have personally pursued the case to the concern ministry. Evidences were still with me and I can always produce it,' he said.
Despite his insistent on a pro BRO stand on the Guite Road issue, Tonsing's statement today was the first open and public statement he made on the issue since the cabinet decision in 2006.
The Power minister also highlighted the varied initiates adopted by the department to better regulate power supply in the state and the district in particular. 'Please stop identifying me as a power minister, whose power is gone soon after I left you,' he lightheartedly joked to the media, who were often critical on the power situation. 'I will also vigorously crack down on the schemes taken up under Horticulture and ensures that befitting action is taken to any swindler,' he adds.(TSE) 

UG hand likely to cripple road works

IMPHAL, Aug 27: Al-though the North Eastern Council (NEC) had sanc-tioned an amount of about Rs 82 crores for construc-tion of the 127 km long Shinghat-Shingjol-Tuivai Road, there is strong ap-prehension that around Rs 60 crores would be forfeited following undue interfe-rence from a UG group which is a signatory of the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement.
According to an official source from the Works Department, in December 2005 NEC sanctioned about Rs 82 crores for the purpose of construction work inclu-ding culvert, retaining wall, drainage and expansion along the 127 km long Shinghat-Shingjol-Tuivai Road. Out of this total san-ctioned amount, NEC had already released Rs 22 crores.
Along with submission of the utilisation certificate for the released amount, the State Government has been making efforts to ensure re-lease of the remaining fund through invitation of tender over the last 2/3 years. But none of the contractors res-ponded to the tender notice after a UG group which is also a signatory of SoO has threatened them from ack-nowledging the tender notice.
There have also been past instances in which the UG group in question de-tained or tried to set on fire JCB machines that Works Department had provided for clearing landslides along the road connecting Imphal and Aizawl.
In the latest instance too, the SoO signatory tried to set on fire JCB machine which had been despatched for repairing works of the road ahead of the Power Minister's recent visit to Songtal in connection with inauguration of a Biomass Gasifier Power Plant, the source disclosed.
Earlier a major district road, the State Government had upgraded the Shinghat-Shingjol-Tuivai Road to the level of a State Highway and a proposal has already been submitted to the Go-vernment of India for fur- ther upgradation as a Na-tional Highway. To ensure early approval of the propo-sal, the State Government has also established com-munication with the Mizo- ram Government for exer-ting pressure on the Gover-nment of India jointly.
Being an important route, the State Govt has also been trying its best to improve the condition of the road. But due to interfe-rence of the SoO signatory, the remaining amount of Rs 60 crores to be received from NEC is likely to be forfeited, the source expressed.
The construction of the road had been taken over by the State Government from BRO although some organisations in Churacha-ndpur district insist that the task be handed over to BRO. Whether responsibility be given to the BRO or not de-pends on political decision. Even if the BRO is assigned the task, the State Govern-ment has to complete the works already started, the source explained.(TSE)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gasifier Power project to bring light of life to CCpur village

The power plant being activated with lighted torch
IMPHAL, Aug 26 : A Biomass Gasifier Power Project of 200 KW capacity, constructed at Songtal village, Guite Road in Churachandpur was dedi-cated to the people yester- day. 
The project is a joint venture of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India and the Department of ST and IT, Government of Manipur. MANIREDA is the implementing agency.
MANIREDA had earlier implemented similar Biomass Gasifier Power Projects, one each at Tora in Ukhrul district and Damdei in Churachandpur district.
The power project would be run with two generator sets of 100 KW capacity each. The generator sets may be fuelled by diesel or firewood or both. Using both firewood and diesel can reduce diesel consumption by 70 percent.
The Songtal Village Energy Committee has been entrusted the ownership and operational responsibilities of the project.
Two villagers have already been trained to operate the machinery at MS Trunker, Baroda. 
Before the biomass gasifier power project was commissioned, Songtal village having a total population of 1200, had never been electrified. 
About 20 years back, electric wires were put up in the village but electricity never reached the village. After sometime, the electric wires disappeared without any trace.
But in the Government records, Songtal village has been already electrified, some villagers said.
Although the project was dedicated to the people yesterday, it started supplying electricity to the village till 11 pm since a few days back.
Speaking as chief guest at the function, held to mark formal commissioning of the project at Songtal village yesterday, Power Minister Phungzathang Tonsing said that MANIREDA has successfully provided electricity within a short period to 150 villages under solar lighting system and another 28 villages under water pump system. MANIREDA would be working further to provide electricity extensively to all areas yet to be electrified, he said. 
The function was also attended by MANIREDA Chairman AN Jha as president and MANIREDA Member Secretary Ram Muivah as guest of honour.
MANIREDA Director L Manglem, Churachandpur DC Sumant Singh, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest Amalkumar, ZRO president Thanglien Pao, SDO Thanlon, ZEO Churachandpur, Additional Director of Education (Hills) and chiefs of surrounding villages also attended the function of guests of honour.(TSE)

Friday, August 21, 2009


Saptuam mipi'n I ngaklah gige uh, Pathianni saptuam mipi atam theipen
kikhop khawm ni a, Sunday school hun a I zat gige sang un, sermon
limchi deuh ngaihkhiak na hun in kizang zaw leh, I Saptuam in
Camp/Khawmpi khawng haksa pipi a vai I hawm sang un phatuam zaw lou
ding hia? Thukhun lui sung a thute lusu kawmkawm a I ngaih khiak gige
saang un, kihalhthak zaw lou di hia? Thukhunlui thuzaw theih thoh lota
hang a, ki chimtaak gawp le bang maita hilou maw? Thukhun thak lam ah
pi tu te'n hon pilut ta le uh achih huai ngei maw!! I neu lai Sunday
School/Skul kai zaw ahi di mah, teeknung - vuainung a zaw a zatna di
bei mah bang ta hiveh aw maw...?
- 9856578868/9612018725
Phone Top-up I bawl chia, 50/100 bang hi-a, Biak-Inn a I thohlawm te
enle bangchi tuk in akikhai dia? Company/network tuamtuam adia chialpi
bawl toh, akhen te down-line di zong a chialpi bawl toh, I buai thei
mahmah ua, ahoih. Huaimah bang in, Pathian thugen in, Chialpi bawl le
downline bangzah imu dia? Company thu I gen siam zarzar dan in Pathian
thu gensiam zarzar sawmta le'ng maw!!!?
- Lian Khuptong (9615282765)
Eipawl in Pastor/Upa site luang I Pathian siangthou biakna iin a I ki
puaklut sek uh, kawisan Bible tang a kigen ahi di!! Pathian in siluang
a kihkih maizen tawh (Numb.19:11-16). Ei lawi in Bible paw- lam dan
haulua hive hang aw maw! Pathian a kipak na diei? Guai, nangle
- 9862199836
2010 Zomi Namni Lop di thu hong ging nawn a, bang hong chi geet diam
maw...!? Kumlui khawng a lah NAMNI lawm hingal, nam/gam ngaihla chih
te theih phaak hilou, Zawlla peuh toh NAMNI I lop gige mawk un, kua
Gam iit-tu di I sek khe ngei mah di ua maw...? ZAA leh adang dang te'n
GAM NGAIHLA chi-a a sak sek te uh bang hun a sak dia I siit uh ahi
di...? Tu tung beek in, GAM NGAIHLA zaak in hong om leh a chih huai
ngei mai!!
- Thinker (9615675401)
Nidang a headquarters veng FCS Godown a antang muh ding om ngei lou,
tu'n ahih leh makai muanhuai taktak te panlak na ziak in, om sim gige
ta, kipahhuai in lung muan huai mahmah ta. Himahleh, a etkai ding
tampi omlai ahih na ah, a hawm na lam ah leng hoih tak in hon en kai
lai le uh, ka chi mahmah hi. Veng khenkhat ah innkuan khat in Ser 5
kan atan theih louh lai un, vengkhen khat ah inn kuan khat in bag khat
bang lei uh. A chethei om le le, a chethei lou te antang hawm na ah
chu aki bang hamphatna piak in om ta le uh.
- 9615282765
Advertisement hoih taktak in I bawl sek ua, I vazuan in, va deek kha
zek le kisak theih leh heh thuah. Eimite va dawr utlou chi'n I ki
mohsa sek na ua, nam dang te siam zaw, a van uh le kiman zaw ahih
chia, kua'n va zuan lou di lah...! Ki ngaihtuah tham zaw hi ta
- 9856359146
Hei..! Punna na deih maw, na deihlouh di khat thei ing ei, "MEITHAI
PUNNA". Nang na deih hia? Zawlnei Jeremia kiang a, Pathian in na
Meithai te uh Tuipi a Piaunel zah in ka pung sak ding chi ei..! Hiai
hamsiatna eilak a le'ng tung hilou hiam kachi hi. Pathian in LOHPI a
hon seep, hon khii, hon haih ei tel voi...!
- N K Pau-a, Vengnuam (9856531596)
Tulai Papi te'n ahihna uh thei pipi khawng a, Zi neilou bang bang
khawnga Nungak khawng chaih bawl deuh vel, khangkhat khawng hong pai
lai leh zaw Puteek te acheta mah di uh maw, lawm...!! Ki daam deuh
- Christy N Bungmual (9862658765)
Pupa te ua pat chikmah a Hausa Upa aleng pangkha ngei lou pi, tua I
pan pat leh NREGS hong om in chin nuam e..!! Well bang, Gate bang,
Fridge, TV leh adang dang baihlam tak a kinei pah, kum 10 bang NREGS
om zom zeel leh chilua ke..! VA a pangkha lou te Leenlai Chaan ahimai
- Vangnei, VA Veng (9856531596)
Mahni ang ma di kia khual lotel lou in, kum chih in VA vaipua kikhel
zel le zaw, inn chih in gari neu khat chiat bek zaw ki nei zou leh
kilawm maw?
- 9856504371
I NREGS pen uh tua sang a manpha zaw leh khansawn tan a I phattuam pih
theih na ding lampi heutu te'n hon zong lai le uh ka chi lotel.
Etsakna di'n, Govt apan hiai sep ding chih proposed om tuan lou ahih
na ah, I sepna ngal ahoihthei pen leh siam neel thei pen a sem in, zou
siang lou pi in ban tawl zelzul lou in, khang thum - khang li daih
ding khop in bawl vitvet leng. Huchi a hih kei vet leh, mun awng khat
ah PARK (Recreation Centre) dan bang tunding thei ta leng deih huai
petmah ta hi.
- 9862198897
Tulai Nungaknou te' Half pant teen te, tom thei lo zezen inchin, ka
phei a ngou huntawk na maw achihna uh ahi peen di maw...? To-phih
(To-bul) dawk zeen a ateen te'n, bang achihna uh ahi di...!!!?
- 9836359714
Tulai ka khekhol ten dan uh non soiselsel ua, a halr deuh leh a
muzoulou te ka hi ua eivoi. Tuban a koihdan khat hon nei ta un aw.
- 9856762977
MIPI' AW ah numei te khekol tom, mal ngou dawk chih khawng in I sawl
selsel ua, up-to-date deuh a kichei lou te lah thring chi zel hang a,
kichei dan hon theih uh leh, changkang na (kal khat suan na) himai lou
hiam? Muslim nungak te dan in ei nungak te'n leng a lu a pan khe tan
hong ki khuh ngeknguk le uh, nalh nasa tel na duam maw?
- Zuansialchiang
I khosak dan uh leh I kichei dan uh I changkang kei lai uh leh bang
suak di?? I pu-pa ngeina (culture) teng paivek a Kristian ngeina
(Western Culture) teng a ful a zui ihi chiang ua, ken chu NAWI BAAL
DAWK LIHLEH khawng in hong ki chei ta le uh ka chi. Mite'n Zomi nungak
te mahmah hon chih theih na ding un. Tu century toh kituak a thil
bangkim a iki update vek ding mah uh ahi.
- 9862247146
Mun thoveng, Dam leh hanmual mun khawng a CHANCE mumu te aw, nou le
mobile in hon ki capture un la, hon leak sak tei ve ua. En le imu ut
tawk vo oi.
- 9862828852
Kholai lampi te lah lian sot lou, taithei pei nih-thum-li nei lah pung
hulhul, ui-ak-vatawt te lah lamlai a maigal lua, accident di lau huai
lua. Vengchih a thu nei te'n gan khum/gan ching di dan hon geel thei
le uh ahoih dia aw. Ui in mi aak ne/kei kha leh, aak nei te a kipah
louh di bang un, I gan vulh te'n mi huanhai ava suk siat sak chia,
huan nei te kipak tuan lou di hi ua. Vok, kel, belam, bawng te kia mi
thil suse thei a ngai I hi di uam maw?
- Uzakhual (9856530656)
Tulai vengsung heutu te'n lampi khenkhat etsakna di'n, LV Lane phei
bang lampi hoih a hoih lai hina pi in, singlling sung di'n kisa mawk
uh. Huai sang a tuak zaw, etsakna'n College Road suk bang, a kuak na
tam a tam, huai te ah sung zaw le uh ahoih zaw dia aw kachi sim ka
chi. Apoimoh masa sep masak hi leh bang a chi dia? A huchih ke'h GAI
- Halleluiah Dosto (9862295682)
Awle, vok toh kisai in Aug 18 ni in Doordarshan an Swine Flu toh kisai
ka ngai hi. Huai ah voksa alauh huai louh dan a gen ua, Lamka ah leng
vok gou te'n vok khawi te deek na in zang non kei le uh a good di. Vok
khoi te leng pil ta un.
- 9615475053
Local news te toh kisai a ka kup ut tamlou te tuh, Lamka Post Aug 18
front page ah Senvon leh Parbung ah… chih bang a thu kigelh suk na a
Purbung tel non lou. Parvachom guk vei bang ki gelh daih. Suunna
kigelh te lah, zingchia kivui di chih te a news pen suah ni (Aug 18) a
ki vui a, tuni a kivui achih te lah a news suah ma ni (Aug 17) a kivui
khin daih mai. Ban ah, MANIPUR IN MEDAL TAMPEN SANG chih mok sang in
TAMSANG/NGAIHPEN chih bang hileh, kituak zaw mai diam chih in om hi.
Headline leh a thu kituak deuh zel leh, a sim a nuam sem diam chih thu
hi e….
- 9856530656
Lamdang kasak leh ka theihsiam het louh khat, Lamka a school/college
te ki strict sak mahmah in School sung ngial ah English lou zat bang
kham bikbek zawzen, a kiman a om leh gawt geihgeih lai... Himahleh
studentte PAU DAN BROKEN thouthou! Gamdang ah a vakai uh chiang ua,
ZUMNA liantak tuak uh, Pauzat lamah huchi strict sese lou
Schools/Colleges a kai te lah, ei sangsang a pau zei/nal leh thil a hi
didan taka gen ziahziah theizo chih khawng... Kum 10 val skul kikai,
Eng nal tuanlou. Kua/Bang ziak a hi dia le? STUDENT TE' ZIAK AHI KHIN
KHOL DIA HIA…. I wish gige te uh ahi duam mo? Yes or No?
- 9957801310
Singngat Bial MLA in, amah mu-nuam a bahara tampi seeng a hoh te, a
kimuh sak noplouh mawk bang achih nopna ahi di...!!! Thil dik ahi
- 9856627212
Misi I gaal dan uh kivel thak poimoh hi lou hiam? Mahni kho luite
khawng asih chiang ua, misi gaal ding tha-it mahmah a, a sun - a zan
le chi lou zen a si gaal dia kuan hinapi in, midang deuh asih chiang a
lah gaal ding himhim ngaihsak lou zeel… Lamka te ihi vek kei ua hia?
- Zapau Gwite (9862737571)
Tulai vauh a zuk chiang in lampi lai ah tui vung sek a, gari ahong tai
chiang in lampi a paite tui in theh buan zel a, awl tai thei deuh le
uh a chih huai lua. A zawng leh a hau aki khai mahmah ei…. Maban ah
gari hek thei hi leng le, mi khual na chang theilou om nawn kei hen.
En mi tung a ihih bang in, ei tung ah hong hih le uh I lungkim na
- Muamuan New Lamka (9862198934)
Bangtan vei khamtheih a lungmuang den diing na hia? Khamtheih in I
innsung, pawlpi sung a buaijah sah hita lou ama? RP I neh leh ki fresh
chia neh jing ding...? Sih na'n na kot bieng ah minsiet tah leh
mualphou tah a si ding in hing ngah e…. Na puuhna apan kithou in!!
"Mangpa'n a na sem ding KHANGLAI nang leh kei hing poimoh, nang hoi a
vaitham den na hi tai??" Aw khanglai ki ngai sut hun e….
- Stephen Manlun Zo (M. Div 2nd yrs) Editor Young Pioneer (9615943514)
MIPI' AW zatdan I siam nai kei uh, ki demna ding, ki kapna ding in I
zang mawk ua, kuamah hoihkim omlou a hihman in, ki dem saang in ki
phattuah le bang achi dia? Mahni mit a singtum lakhe lou in, mi mit a
niin muthei law kei ni. Luka 6:41-42.
- Hoih Deih (9436622247)
Saptuam makaite demdem nawn ngal kei ni uh, amau le lungsim bei ahi
zenzen kei uh chih thei chiat ni. Amau' siat-le-pha theihna in koih le
ahimai. Huaisang in amau' din thum zo ni uh.
- Kungkang (9612381001)
Tu lai khangthakte'n, Pu-Pa daan zuih leh kepbit tei tei dia hoih tuh
'KISAP DAAN' ahi. Etsakna di'n, Sang a Upa zaw te peuhmah 'U', Pa te
vual peuhmah 'Pa', Pu te vual peuhmah 'Pu' leh adangdang. Hiai bang in
Nu leh Pa te'n I tate sinsak chiat le'ng, I lakah ki zahtaak tuahna om
deuh di'n ka ging ta hi. Nam dang te'n huchi bang neilou uhi. Kua peuh
in zui chiat ni, I kepbit theihna ding in.
- Muan Bungmual (9862658765)
Tu lai in Sum suk pungna chi tuam tuam kigen atam a, hihkhelh khaak di
lauhuai lah lou hi'n kathei. LIC, Bank, Private Companyte akoi peen na
muang zaw a!!? A pung tam deihluat man a hihkhelh theih ahi aw, sumlem
a om bang in, sumkholna lem le'ng a om khamoh kei ding, Lung geelsiam
- 9615411106
LAW OF THE GAME dungzui in Football tournament om teng in a loupa
(grass) te khuk tantan a pallouh din tan khiak hi henla, standard tak
in technical area om hen la, substitute leh a coach te uh kia huai
sunga substitution bench ah tu le uh. Azoh chiah, time added te kha
mipi theih din takkhiak hizel leh maw?
- 9862393232
Lamka-te'n I gen minthang, Experience I neih tam peen uh Electric Load
Sheding, khopi Delhi, Mumbai leh adangdang ten hon kopi dek zeih ! Fuh
chi thou hilou... Eiten a mau hoihna te uh kopi daih ni mataw...
- Muanlian' Pa, Saimual veng, Tangnuam (9612363861)
Pu Thang in Lamka a hong phaak chiang in, aki suanglah thou dia aw
maw...? A hong chiang a light pai, apaisuk chia light mit zeel ahih
chiang a...! Ki suanglah huai thou di eive maw...?
- SPDP Network (9856140940)
Independence Day ni beek Mei hon pai sak le uh ei vele, Minister Pu
sam lou uh amaw...?
- Ding Tunglut, Bungmual (9856827546)
Electrict thu zaw chimtaak huai lo mahmah ta hi, a ziak bel, mi tamzaw
te'n mei hoih pai di deih mah lehang le, pai hoih tuan lou ahih chia.
Gen nawn dah vet ni...!
- The SDWK's (9615474225)
Vengnuam ah street light kikhoih thak te veng sung etlawm sak mahmah.
A hong pai pah leng ki nep ahi bok.
- Gerard Thang (9612381001)
Electik thu mah gen nawn mai ni aw. Minister pa I demdem ua, amah ziak
hi lou in, I teenna gam Manipur in a zirh louh ziak ahi. Mipi' electik
fee bat, a crore a sim hon ditsak ahih lam phok pha lou a, kipahthu
kammal khat le I gen louh tel uh, KIPAHTHU GEN I bat uh ahi chih thei
chiat ni. Miniter/MLA dang te I gen khaklouh uh, amah bang a nna asep
louh ziak uh ahi diam? Manipur innpi a singtang mite lak a senior pen
leh phaizang minister/MLA te zahtak, ban ah, Phualpi solkal te theih
phak, a neu a lian in I demdem nung ua, zaidam tak a, hi zahta nna sem
khe thei, nung thuap leng bang zah ta nna a sem khe dia...! Amah bang
a senior Manipur innpi a singtang mi I seek khiat na di'n, kum 50 in
leng daih lou ding ahi chih thei in, DIALDIAL IN DIAMDIAM NI aw.
Rengkai leh Bible Hill lamte aw, nou vote leng a deih ding in ka
gingta, election nawn chiah a ding leh, ana lung kham kei un, na
phunphun na uh a lawhching ta, New Lamka lam leng a mit gige ta. Vote
campaign bel hilou ka hi.
- D. Maithok (9862828852)
MIPI' AW toh kisai in, hon pankhetu te pahtaak tham ching ahihlam
kathei khia a, Thu-le-Laa atam theilam na hon suahkhiak zel uh ka
lamen hi. MIPI' AW Dam Sawt Heen!!
- C T Lun, Bungmual (9856827546)
Angel's Vision te'n MIPI' AW non patkhiat uh hoih kasa mahmah hi. Ahih
hang in zui tuan kei leng, phatuam ding hia? Adiak in a gelh tute
mahmah a khok pen a pang zomah lai uh.
- P K Mung, Hebron veng (9856762977)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mipi" AW Talk show on ADC and Members of District Council

MIPI' AW talk Show on Autonomous District Council and Members of District Council.
Abanle hun lem chiang ah upload hong kisawm ding.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Hiai MIPI' AW a thu kisuah teng
Angels Vision leh The Lamkatimes ngaihdan ahi kei.
Thusuah ding a hong pe te'n a thusuah uah moh aki
puak ding uh ahi.
Mimal khat leh pawl khat demna a thu hong lut te
suah ahi kei ding a,
khotang hoih nang leh khantouh nang thute hong khak zaw
ding in ka hon ngen uhi.
-        Editorial board, MIPI' AW

EBC workerte'n, amaute sa lam - kha lam a, a hinkhua uh hoihna ding uh deihsak taktak heutu a ki neih hamphat huai petmah, mataw…. Tamsem semthei ding in Toupa'n vualzawl hen.

-          Tdt (9862158719)

Saptuam heutu te khawng I demdem/I soi selsel khawng in, ei vangam ahon tun in I kigen kai zou na diam?

-           9856400539

I biak dan kheng lamdang deuh leng, I saptuam in khalam khanloh na I mu zaw diam chih ngim na in, Biakinn a thugen sarmon pastor in la hen la, Pastor in midang kua hian neksik nop aneih leh amah thu hi hen la, thu na sem dia HQ in a hon sawl ahih na toh, Pathian be dia hong pai te Pastor in Baikinn kongkhak ah azi toh ana chibai hen la, mi hong lut khit chiang un, amau a tutna uh hong luah uh hen la, thu nasepna himhim pastor in hong zang vek leh. Thugen di I sehthoh chiang in, a kilop lou pi bang seh khak theih, seh ahih man a kithalop lou pi a Pathian thu gen khak theih hi a, huchi bang khawng ahih chiang a ki practice/training khawng ki bang sek, mipi te khalam dangtak  na damzou lou deuh nak hi. Pathian be lem mah ki bang.

-          9862737571

EBC Saptuam in Tuailai khawmpilian tuamtuam te Lamka zaang ngen a zang vek mai lou in,Tuailai 2010 pen le Division tuam deuh ah zat sawm le uh maw.... Mun tuam a om i unaute bang le, hong hoh ut mahle uh, neihsa in a daih louh ziak a hoh thei lou tamtak om di uh hia maw.? Unau nang bang na chi ngaih.....!?

-          Kimte (9862956642)

Ei Lamka lam a te'n leng i mipih a khangtou zodeuhte' chihdan enton in, miten I NAM min hon dot chiang in ZOMI kahi kichi ngamta ni.

-          Real Zomi (9957801310)

Bangchidan a le…. NE Chanel ah Namdang Mizo, Meitei, Kuki leh a dngdang te'n News Programme a tang theih ua, Paite Programme bangchik chian a hong om thei dia? Makai lamte'n hoihtak in pan hon la thei le uh maw? Naak uthuai lua hi'n maw?

-          9856206206

Music leh Literature ah Zosuante tuma sang in muhtheih in I khang, HimahlehArts lam inelhsiah/phawkkhalou I bang, siam pipi itam, ahizong phoulak nading hunlem a nei kei uh. Sepsuah ding dan om leh maw? Gentehna di'n, Zogam.com Writers Awards contest dan kha….

-          9862829497

Ei lawi Talk Show zaw No Show hi veve veh aw. MDC chu 6th Schedule nuai ah election neih hithei leh maw. Singtangmi te state Mizoram, Nagaland, Meghalaya, te'n 6th Schedule nuai a aneih theih ngal uh leh, Manipur a singtangmite'n bang dia hiai provision enjoy lou mawk di?

-          9856361058

Zogam I ngaina a I iit chiat a, ahong pallut di I ngak lah chiat uh. La hoih pipi I phuak ua, ngak lah le ahuai Zogam Zogam chichi leng le, I innkiang le hahpeih lou te'n bang chi in Zogam zuun in a hah peih dia?

-          Zogam ngaina (9862737571)

Hunsawtpi a pat singtang gama I na zat nawnlouh BUHSUN a lou thei lou in zatsak nawn in I om a, I pi leh pute hunlai in bel singtawn/khaugui Hausate I koppihna banah, Hausa in Lougam ding Mipi khualna ziak a, akepbitna ding chihna hileh kilawm. Tuhun chiang in Khokiim/ Dainai deuhteng "Sing leh Gua sat phallouh" chih muh ding tamlau. Meihol leh Cheek sing sat dia lou gam hoih teng a mual a tang a kizuak mangkhin (a leitang bel hi samlou in), buhsun I piakpiak in gen nei nawnlou a hi diam maw? Hausa khen khat bang in khang saksak lai vawt uh.

-          Zo Khualpu

Van man Luita tui khan akhang...! Consummer Club ahihkei leh Organization or Association khatpeuh a enkai tu ding om lou maw??? Dai dide a I om un thilhoih ahon  tun hetkei ding... A Jawng leh Hau kal a hong ki khou khiat dia.... GUTA ahong pung hulhul dia, ki SUAM - ki MAT leh TUAL THAH I chihte Mi Jawngten POI a chi thei nawnkei ding uh. Huai hun chiangin KUA I ngohta dia....???

-          L.L. Ngaihte (9862191512)

Mou man lakna toh kisai in P.T.C dan a kizui hoih mahmah a, mou khak na/vangot na ah dan awmlou hia le? Mi genthei tanu haudeuh te a ding in lungkham huailua eive maw. Vaite dowry in hawnpha khawng venteh, hiai dan a bawl thei heutu te'n hon enkai ve ua maw!!!

-          9862199836

M.I.L (Major Indian language) hawmthoh ah "Elisa nga limdan" chih te sang in Zosuante history thukdeuh /tawndan/ lamdan a practical bang in zil ding in koih zo le, bang achi dia? Gamdang a I om chia, I culture theilou lua vahih namdang te lak ah zumhuai lua ahi. Ahihkeh, YPA/PTC te etkai ding adiam? Bang ngaihdan inei ua.

-          9862829497

Sinlai naupang pil mahmah dia ki lawm te'n, 'TALAB' ne lou te mi banglou deuh a ngaih in ki om mah a bang a! I ngaihtuahna khuak koi lam ah koihta..?

-          KT Buansing, VKTC (9615721640)

Lamka a Job Card hong om leh Mihausa pung hiaihiai, Bangchi dan ale. Nikum lama Education Dept. nuai a Corruption lian mahmah Fake Appointment tungtang Meitei hel KYKL te'n hon suikhiat bang un ei a te'n pan hon la theilou uhia? Ai'h keh amau le suikhiat di te' lak a telkha uh hia le? Job Card Corruption tungtang suikhe di omleh a veryvery good lo di.

-          The Penglam Anti Corruption Campaigner (9718567247)

Manipur singtang gam a Police Commando omsak ding deihlou in mipi I buai mahmah ua, hon gensak ding palai neilou mah I bang uh. I palai sawl te uh koi a om ahi ua eita. Bible a Esther kiang a "Tu hun a na daih dide leh…." a chih tu hun khawng hilou di hia, palai te a phattuam hun ding uh. Na chi kei uh maw.

-          Lam en (9856531596)

Police commando leh IRB deihlouhna a Mass Rally ineih uh sutzopna in, Hill District teng ah Independence Day Boycott sawm le'ng phatuam lou ding hia?

-          9856531596

Swine flu, Cancer leh HIV&AIDS chih phet louh Setan sang a le lauhaui zaw, Talpaak te chimtak Commandoes leh IRB pakta a lampi zuih poilou I chih kei leh, Makai lamte'n pan khauhdeuh a lak uh hunta hi lou hiam? Chih kei vet leh, tear gas diik dan leh rubber bullet a pan ki vensiam ding dan I ki sinsak mai di uam….? Lamka bang headquarters di chih gingsim zomah…. Population control dek uh hia leh? Bang teng hileh Mahajon te'n marble ana stock le uh (The Boon is on the way to Doom us).

-          B. Ryan Bml (9862149an Bml (n the way to Doom us).

-          hr bullet a pan ki vensiam ding dan kisinsak mai di uam le...leh IRB pak ta alomlom a lamp353)

Damdawi kham theih hih te awlmoh na ziak in a zuakte tung ah action khauhtak la zaw le. A zuak taktak I theih nop leh ahih te kaikhawm in amau a pan kan khe leng.

-          9856361058

MLA/Minister te Lamka hongphak chiang ua, I mi I sa singtang dawn a om te'n mu nuam mahmah. Heutu zahtak huaite'n kuamah khualna himhim neilou a, a ut tantan uh Room dang a om mangpih uh, Mipi khualna a hun zat dan a siam uh deih huai deuh hiau.

-          Zokhualpu

I veng/khua leh tui a damtheihna a om hoih theihna ding leh etlawm sak tu ding in, kua peuh in i niinte uh eimah in kihaal tum chiat le'ng deih huai kasa hi. Khantouhna lianpi hi'n le'ng kathei. Ban ah, I niin paih te'n vuahzuk chiang in Nullah huu in, lampi a suang kisungte tolh khia a, I lampite uh buan suaksak jeel hi chih leng thei chiat ni.

-          T. Thanga, Saikham Road, NLamka (9862159216)

Minister hial te sang a houpih hak zaw MLA bang I om ua, mi'n Bahara tampi seng a hon mu nuam khong, nawlkhin zaw dik kasa kei.

-          9856627212

 MLA election om chia dikloutak a candidate khat gamtatna mohpaih ngamlou khawng te'n MDC thu gengen a phamoh kei. Diktatna in nam a tawisang chih kha Bible a ki gelh hilou maw? Ahih keh, sum leh pai/ hiamgamna/duhgawl na in a tawisang chih hi zaw hia leh?

-          9856361058

I lamka khopi sung ah amei-apa zu leh sa a I bual thang tak in, bang din I Zogam a khangtou ngei dia? I ki bawl hoih uh hun hita lou hia? I omdan hoihlou te uh tawpsan tani uh aw, Unaute.

-           Siam Sahei Road (9615823543)

I gam khantouh nading leh I biak Pathian kipah nang in thuman pha pipi mimal hetkha lou in gen jel ni. Mimal tunga lungkim louh na thute gen zaw lou in, MIPI AW ngaite navaak na ding leh  namtui viauviau dingte ki hilh na in zang zaw le hang ka chi hi. I Pathian' aw Bible thute mahmah leng kihilh tamna in MIPI AW zangle hang I Toupa mahmah leng kipak ding a, I zakte zui chiat lai le I gam hong chidam sak hial dingin ka ngaihtuah hi. Kris sisan a sapkhom unau itte aw, thilhoih deih a zuih dingthu suah te'n, I sak min leh khua gelh chiat leng thilhoih I zakte kidot thakzel theih ding hi a, phone number kia zaw bukim zou kasa kei.

-          Vungkhanthang, Tangnuam (9615275761)

Na Phone zatdan na hisap zel hia? huai ah vapai le'ng  huaizah bei di, phone hileh hiai zah bei di chih. Ahih kaleh kimawlpih thoh maimah na hia leh... Sum ahihlam thei in...!!!

-          Zo It (9615411106)

A gute gen ban kei hang, Permit nei a late'n, a sang a sing a sim I bat te pe siang phot in permit Cancel a New Connection ding I buaipih tawp san le, I gengen a mi I moh saksak sang in, a hong vak in mial nuai a tutue'n vak I mu zaw diam? I Zawng tawkheng khekkhok pi en chianphot in, tua khit teh I seinop sei va uteh. Chih tuh kei mimawl ngaih dan ahi.

-          9856400539

Street light thak bawlbawl a, amei pen a vak tuan kei leh bang phatuam di? A omsa gui ah sun leh zan in mei pai phot leh, a thak behlap pen in om zia nei di. Sum nek na di maimai a athak a bawl uh hia leh? Sum nek na di maimai a a tak bawl phatuam lou. Huai sang in bill bat ditna di'n a dept in zang zaw leh.

-          9856361058

Kei chu electric dept te zumna leh kisuanlah na nei hetlou ahih uh ka gingta. Hichituk a, MIPI' AW a complain a om gige ban ah, mi tangpi in hotel khawng a ki hou lim na a, a zat uh hi a. hichi khawng a I Zogam bang chi zuun di, kua zuun ta di? Electric dept te chu ni tumtum in hahcheau mai le uh ki lawm kasa.

-          Street Boyz (9615701529)

Hei…ha…. Mi gam a I va zin a, zan a kholai vak nuam hina maizen e…. En le Zogam ah khopi khat, Manipur a khopi nihna Lamka I nei ua lamgei - lamsik I et leh street light khuam kilawm taktak a om a, kipahhuai. Himahleh huai te sunchia I khopi cheimawi na dia om ahi diam? Zan a lah I kholai khawng khimzing mahbang bekbuk mai maw. Hiai te khawng en kai thei ding mi om lou ahi diam? Zan teng hikei leh le, a vangkim bek in paithei leh na chi kei ua hia maw, Unaute. Puahphat sawm meng meng ni uh ei, ngak lahhuai gop ta.

-          Robet Thang MK Zogam (9615701518)

Electric thu zaw chimtak huai. Kua man gen gen non dah phot ni. Ahi hi hi phot hen.

-          Mercy' Pu (9856531596)

Ka ngak lah mahmah MIPI' AW, hiai sai khe te leh thuman pha taktak genkhe ziahziah tengteng tung ah kipahthu leh itna cibai kon pia hi. Thilhoih deih I hih man un, thilhoih I ki hilh kim theih na pen MIPI' AW ahih man in, manpha kasa lua hi. I Toupa'n MIPI AW zangin I gam ah halhthak na leh khantouna hon tun hen.

-          Vungkhanthang, Tangnuam (9615275761)




MIPI' AW ah ding thu hoih taktak na hong khak
zel ziak un,
ngaina tute tung ah ka kipak petmah uhi.
Himahleh, thusuah ding a hong kipe teng
khat vei thu in hong kisuah thei lou ahih man in,
thusuah ding a na hong piak te uh ahong suah kei leh leng
hun nawn chiang in hong ki suah zel ding hi.
-        Editorial board, MIPI' AW

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lamka ah Rally thupitak a neih in om

- Admin The LamkaTimes

Tuni in Lamka Public Ground a pan DC Office tan Manipur Singtang gam a Police Comando leh IRB koih ding deih louh na in Lampi zuih na thupi tak a neih in om hi.

Hiai hun ah Senior Secondary apan atung lam Sinlai nuapang tel in mipi tamtak te'n lam zuih na nei uhi. Lamka Public Ground a pan kipan khia in, DC Office ah paisuk in DC kiang ah Memorandum piak na nei uhi.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fever kills 1,000 pigs in Mizoram

Fever kills 1,000 pigs in Mizoram
 AIZAWL, Aug 8 – At least 1,000 pigs have died of a mysterious fever in Mizoram, even as no case of swine flu has been reported in the State so far.

Mizoram Animal Husbandry and Veterinary department officials today said at least 1,000 pigs have died of the fever in Lunglei, Lawngtlai and Kolasib districts.

Director of State AH and Veterinary department Dr C Sangnghina said, "The spread of swine fever in the State was caused due to import of pigs and piglets from Myanmar with which Mizoram shares 404-km international border."

In the past two months, 774 pigs died in 34 villages of south Mizoram's Lunglei district, while over 200 died in southern Mizoram-Bangladesh border Lawngtlai district and 100 others in Mizoram-Assam border Kolasib district.

Sangnghina said the 'swine fever', first detected in 1980, had killed thousands of pigs in the State. – PTI

Arms recovered in Mizoram
 AIZAWL, Aug 8 – Police dug out three carbines wrapped in polythene bags from near the house of a Manipur-based militant outfit's leader in Mizoram.

Three .9mm carbines were dug out from a 20-ft deep ditch near the house of L Z Hrangchal, a top leader of Sinlung People's Liberation Army (SPLA), at Edenthar locality here last night, a senior police official said.

He said that the arms were hidden inside a can wrapped in polythene bags. The arms were recovered after the arrest of Lalthanglura, a close aide of Hrangchal who informed the police, the official said. – PTI

Friday, August 7, 2009


- Admin The LamkaTimes

Saptuam Upa I teel dan uh, Bible dan toh kituak lou deuh hilo ahi
hiam? Bible thu-gin zuite I hih ngal leh phuaktawm sese lou in, Bible
a kigelh dan in Upa tel maile, Bible thu ahi bangbang a zui
(Evangelical) ihi mai di uh. Timothy 3:2, Nasepte 6:1-7 te a kigelh
bang in a Quaified na duam. Sawm-a-khat kum 3 pezom ding chih khong
Bible a kigelh kei veh.
- N. Paua, New Lamka
Kristian daan siangthou a ki teenna a om chiang in, Mou-te Biak-inn
sung a hong luut chiang un Mipi te ki ding kei zaw heenla, Mou leh
alawm te tung masa zaw in, Mou nei Pa hong luut chiang in Mou te
makaih in mipi na ding le uh, I Bible toh kituak zaw in, Kris leh
Saptuam te Ki teenna bang zaw ding hi.
- 9856627212
Saptuam in sivuina programme i bawl chiang in, siatvilna prog. toh i
bawl khawm sek a, siatvilna programme i bawl ngal leh singpi beek bang
dia telsak lou i hi di. Inntekte singpi khong i va set tel.... Pute
lang khetna khong, tanute kithoh khawmte khong mi'n a ziak a zaal nei
a, gennop saknop nei a houlim khawmna dia a awm ei ngal ve. Mipi
vaakna dia a awmte'n a awm uh hi khollou maithei a hi aw. Saptuam khat
in programme i bawl a hih ngal leh singpi beek si sam le'ng saptuam'
dan bohsiatna a hi khol dia hia??
- Awlmoh' Pa Paua N. Lamka
I saptuam sung a Pastor kipiak na sang taktak, foreign dollar sum leh
pai hauhna enlah lou, gam dang a, a lawm - a vual deihsak tu te'n amau
a ding liauliau a hausakna kham sum apiak te bang uh, mimal phattuam
na dia zang zaw lou a, Pathian gam na sepna leh Biakinn bawlna ding a
pe khe ngam toptop Pastor I neih khak ziak a, I saptuam Pathian in hon
taisan lou ahi diam….? Pastor chiat chiat zaw, aki khai thei uh aka….
- 9862247146
(Braket a te khenkhat ngaihdan)
Nam dang te'n, "Nang bang mi?" chih a hon dot uh chiang un, "ZOMI" chi
a ka gen chiang in, thei ngei hetlou a bang mai uh, (kuan a thei mah
dia, mihai!) Ei Lamka a om te'n ZOMI kia I ki chih ngam NAI KEI leh
leng, mi dang te kiah i nam min I gen chiang in, hiai bang in gen thei
zel le (bang ka gen e?) Paite-Zomi, Tedim-Zomi, Vaiphei-Zomi,
Simte-Zomi etc etc (ngai mah2 kei) Hiai dan beek in hingal ta leh maw
i chi diam. (Na thu omkei) I mipih Foreign gam tuamtuam a omte'n bel
"ZOMI" chih kia in a kigen ta uh. (Nang awlmoh ngailou) Ei ZOGAM a
teengte penpen in ZOMI chih bang tan vei Zumpih lai di??? (zogam? koi
ah om a?!! ) ZOMI na hihna tualniam kisa ken, misanga niam zolou ihi
uh aw. (Bang na thei a eita) - Hiai bang lou deuh in thil ngaihtuah
chiat ta ni.
- REAL ZOMI (09957801310)
Ei pawl in politics I sai chiang in, bang teng igen peuh na ua,
nam-leh-gam itna neu chik le nei lou, mi jawng leh genthei te tan ding
teng enlah, kho sung/veng sung a lampi, nullah leh culvert sia om te
lah development nasep khatpeuh ahoih a sem/puah peih lou-semlou a asum
teng kilak gaih zomah, gam-leh-nam itte jaw a gen tam thu hi lou a
kithei eive mo? Mahatma Gandhi te khawng in nam-leh-gam adia ahinna uh
pia eive ua mo? Ei a te bel nam (mipi) leh gam netum nuam ngen. Sum
leh pai deih I hih leh vaigampur lam ah khutdoh in vaki zuak kheukhou
le hoih lou ding hia?
- Mung (9612362756)
Kua peuh chidam leh kipak tak a khosak I ut chiat uh agintak huai.
Ahih hang in lah, sianthouna i ngaih sak kei lua ua, I vengsung
anam se thei lua. Anamse sak thei khawi te pilvang deuh le bang a chi
- 9856016406
Vuah zuk chiang a Nullah tui a niinte inkhanglam te adia transfer suk
sang in, hoihtak in innkong ah kho-phat chiang in hong koih zaw le uh
chin, a hepsiang anuam zaw tham ding hi…. Thei ta un…!
- Inn khang lamte (9856733705)
Kuapeuh mah in la I sak chiang un, amun zil in lasak ding kilawm a om
hi. Function na khat peuhpeuh, YPA/SSPP leh Social Prog., te khong ah,
Pathian la, Hotdamna la hiam sak pen ahun leh mun toh kituak khollou
ding hi. Huai hun ah gamngaihla lampang bang kituak zaw leh kilawm zaw
ding ahi. Huai lou in, Zomi Namni leh Kut lawpni khong chiang in,
group a la te ahoih thei lamlam sak ding ahi. Kidemna khat peuhpeuh ah
la isak chiang in akin diing ahi a, Dahla bang sim a awl-a-awl
nguainguai a na sak louh diing ahi. Kua peuh lasa mite'n chianteh un.
- T.K. Hangsing
A lim ettheih a Pathian Laa sate'n, Laa khat I sak sung in iki zepna
puante kheek kei thei le'ng maw? Pathian Laa sakna a mihing in
thupina tansawm a hong bang thei a, a kituak kei abang. Rome11:36
- 9856627212
Chi nawn zen le, lasak tungtang ah, gen-le-sak a tam. Mi phuahsa leh
mi saksa sa chi in iki dem khemkhem zel ua. Biakinn a isakte bang le
mi saksa leh mi phuahsa kikhop teng a I saksa mah sa nawn zel I set
tawk voi.. Mi saksa louh la thak ngen sa di chi leng Pathianni teng
banga la thak phuah ngai di hi a maw…? Phuak seng di I set maw.. ka
dah thah…???
- Zuansialching Tonsing
Gari tam deuhdeuh, accident lah tam deuhdeuh, a heekte ki check jeel
leh a document uh adik kimna diam…!! Zu dawn khamsa a heek khawng ahi
di uam maw?
- Micker (9615411106)
Heutu muan te aw, Bank Branch khat beek hon phusuah ve ua, a teek te
leh nau neu pom lai te hehpihhuai lua uh eive - natheihna di'n nang le
khatvei hong kivual tei ve leh. Bank a seem te'n, mipi lam apan ngetna
om leh thil hithei ahi achih uh kaza sim a…!
- Masawnthang (9615411106)
Tulai khopi sung a khamtheih doudaal te, mi khenkhat in a tawptan a
akham zoh kei di ua leh, kham dah le uh achih mawk pen uh, kei ngaih
daan in, huai chi zaw lou in, ei mipi te'n nakpi tak in kithuah pih
zaw le hang, ki khaam zou pah mai lou ding hiam, ka chi a, kham dah
uheh achi te'n a zuak kawm2/hih kawm thei cheuh cheuh uh chihna hi
di'n ka ging ta.
- 9615763179
Mi buaisak dia Bandh bawlbawl saang in, I neekguk taak guukna leh I
diktatlouhna te teng teng uh, mi chih in, ei mah mimal Bandh kibawl
chiat zaw le hang, I gam leh Nam in phattuam pih pen ding hi.
- Lialian' Pa CLong (9862315999)
Kua peuh in I buaipih uh Jobcard, tuma zek in Phualpi sorkar in
Loksabha inn-pi ah kum nih sung behlap uhi, hiai kum nih behlap a om
pen ni bangzah ahi mah diam maw..? Kum khat ichih lah ni 365 hia maw…?
Bang ziak a thaa tawmchik seeng a Sum la maimah ihi ua le?????
- DL Zogam (9615475053)
Kristian gam a om dia kilawm lou, nekguk leh a kan a val a, a om zah
sang a tamjaw NERGS hamphatna tan i sawm jiak un, missionari nna a
haksasak diakse a, ginglou mite ettontak in i om kei uh, Pathian'
gawtna a thuah in i thuak ding uh. Mt 5:l6
- 9856627212
Khosung a transformer omte aki siat chiang a, khotaang a apauthei leh
a tallang deuh te kiang a I gen chiang in, a bawl nuam louh uh bang
ziak a di…? A mau line ahih khaklouh ziak ahi diam?? Huchi ahih taak
leh le, electrit deptt. te kiang ah report hon bawl pahpah thei le uh
hoih di hia maw…?
- Zokhankhual (9856206206)
Bangziak a mundang a Bawngsa atak Cheng120/- ahihlai a Damkam Bazar a
Cheng 130/- a kizuak se ahia..? Bazar enkoltu om lah bang sim thou a,
sa man etkol khawm theih thou lou adiam..? Aih ke'h a Percent ne uh
hizel hia le…?
- Diah Puap (9436174331)
Commando te Lamka a hong um di uh chu ka ngai ngam kei unau..!! Nita
khat in mi bangzah in I thua di uam uh, ahih keh I mobile hoih tawi
uh/I sum neih sun sun te uh jaan khat thu in ong suhsak duam uh..?Unau
ken zaw ngai ngam mah mah lou kei ve…!!!!
- Un Normal Man (9615701529)
Na he ei? ADC election deih in i chiau 2 na ua, tunung chiang in
ineihma uh I ngai zaw daih mai di uam maw..? Constituency teng ah
khodaak le'ng.... adai dide te ana hak kilkel uh ahi chih a chiang mah
- 9856530656
Tulai I burning topic uh ADC/MDC tungtang a pan la I heutute IDF leh
MTC te pahtak huai uh leh nung thuap huai kasa. Tuabang a pan la thei
pawlpi ineih hampha ihih lam thei in bang chi leh amau te ipanpih thei
dia chi chiat thei zaw leng maw... Amau pawl om kei leh hotel khawng
ah I gen kheu khou ding ua, veih uih then in I theng sak nawn ding uh.
- 9862828852
I Lamka khosung a Youth Club tuamtuam te leh District level a Sport
lam sai te'n, Football chihlouh kimawlna dang tuamtuam te leng hong
sai thei ta le uh. Talent pholh suah louh tampi te mangthang gawp
hita lou hiam? Volleyball, badminton leh adang dang te, khamtheih
douna dia poimoh petmah ahih dan thei in, sum leh pai chauh buaipih
pih tellou in pan thak la thei chiat le..!
- 9862851475
I gam, i pawlpi, leh Ei Zomite liimlang (image) om ei!! guai!!! Mulkim
huai asa lou aom kha diam maw? Manipur Express, July 31, 2009
(Sintawpni) dal 2na, a column laitak pen ah om ei. LIIMLANG = Athupi:
"KA NEGU ZEEL DIING" K. Suanthang in a gelh. Sia aw, hibang thusim
hong pholhkhia hak sam chia maw, aih hang ze-kai naisam kei e! Nang
bang a pasal pha leitungah om nai kei ei. Damsot inla, adangte zong
hong pholh khia lai o, bangzah aom lai diam maw, 3 le 4 beek aw....
- Mr. Ngambawm (9615676181)
Eimi kam pau IAS officer khat ka theih a om a, Government gari a kem
a, a zi - a ta a tuam lam uh ka mu ngei nai kei. Office leh a inn
kikal lou ah a driver pa nasan in a zang thei kei. A mah gentak lou a
gari nasan a zahtak huai kasa zou hial. Eilak ah Saptuam leh solkal
nasem lubawk te'n amau aituam a gari kepte uh zang tam lua uh ka chih
na bel ahi zenzen kei.
- Ampet, Hyderabad (9703736787)
A it-huai I zogam a khangtou mahmah ta a, I thupha ngah te leh
kilawmlou leh thanghuai tak mai a, I zatkhak ding lauh huai kasa
mahmah uhi. Nungak-tangval te a ding in ki ngaihsut leh I hun zatsa te
uh ngaihsun thak leng maw? I lung a awi na hia? Thamlouh in, tung a
vai hawmpa alung awi na diam? Eite muhnop leh et-theih ding in Khuga
Dam bang I hoh gige ua, khen khat te'n a hun uh anop thei pen ding in
dai nuai hiam, lou kom hian ah I zang tamai uhi. Ganhing lou buang
chih huai thousam ve aw. A chang chiang in bang kituak phut thei zomah
lai, zum na mel himhim a vun potham uah zong belh lou lai. Maban ding
zaw a geel ngam huai na diam? Den chiang a Sodom leh Gomorrah khua
hong suak khak ding lauh huai sa ungh. I Zo ngeina leh I pupa tawndan
te hong thei siam leh aki lawm a gamtat dan hong thei siam ta un aw.
Nidang lai a I pupa te singbul-suangbul be te zong, hibang tawndan leh
ngeina ana zui nai samlou uh aive. Na chi kei a hia, Sanggam? Lawm hon
pilvang ta un aw.
- Miki Chup's te (9862353393)
I gam sung a Gov't leh khotaang a semtute diktatna, ginom-na leh Itna
apoimoh uh chi'n igen vengvung ua, huai saang a khuam pomoh zaw
Saptuam a seem te leh Upa te'n hon pan phot le uh ahoih zaw di'n I
ging ta hi.
- ZOLAWKTA (9862160072)
Tawpsanta ni… sa gohna, molawpna leh a dang dang a, annkuang siim a na
kuan nawn chiang in, meh leh ankhing tawi teitei sawm nawn ken. Ann
siim a kuan na hih lam ki phawk in. Annkhing zaw vaisaite lawhtak ahi.
Meh khing zaw innteek in kidaih a sakleh hon khawl na diing uh.
- Pasong Bml (9436622708)
Eipawl i makaite uh saptuam hi in khotang vai hita leh, phat naaksang
in a hoih louhna uh I theihkhaak sunsunte sumkuang singpeh in, I
gengen uh. I kiim-I kiang a jat dangte lak a makaite, Officer leh
politiks a kibualte en un, Zu-leh-sa gentaak louh, nungak akibual a
thangtat Biakinn huangsung a luut ngeilou ahi tangpi uh. Ei a te bel
Biakinn leh Saptuam beel lou khotang makai leh Officer om manglou ahi.
Hiai mah tuh I hamphatna uh I innvengte hon eenna ahi.
- Mung Tonsing
Nu te aw, hehpihtak in I Tate/naute kicheina ding/puan teen daan ding
hilh le'ng maw? Tan gaai dawk en-on a puante'n nalh kanaak engsak kei
lua, tual deuh in teng le'ng nalh in kilawm zaw hi.
- 9856424479
Khantouhna lampi khat hi a ka theih tuh, la phuah kidemna om zel
henla, a phuak tu in asak siam kei leh mi dang asa ding zat theih
- 9615411106
Tatel aw… Electric thu a buaibuai sang in, khovel changkang dungzui a,
mi-nei zou le kitamta hi ven, a mauten Generator hon leichiat uh
henla, amaute kiang ah a deihten connection hon bawlsak u henla, a
kilawm huntawk a fee hon bawl uh henla amau kiang ah a fee pe maile a
hoih diam?
- Robert Thang MK Zogam (9615701518)
Mipi Aw ah electric vai puan khiat in a um gige a, ken zong kang gen
beh nalai ding ..! I power minister te teenna veng ah vengdang te toh
teh in electric a regular mah mah a, ahihleh amau veng chauh in a vote
ching uh adiam ah, veng dang te'n vote khalou uh adiam? Veeng khat a
regular tak a pai a, apai nita a zong pailou jojen-aki tuam khen di
thou thou, electrict le om kei vanglah henla, Gov't in inn chih ah
Inverter hong hawm le uh a nop joh ka ging jaw tham!!!
- 9615701529
New Lamka lam chou in VOTE pia uh maw..? Term kiit chiah bang chi di
e…? Rengkai te' vote deih lou ahi diai…?
- 9615783938
Electric toh kisai in akhente'n New Lamka lam regular biik bang a gen
in, a hehpawl bang le a om uh a bang a, thei chian taktak mah uh hia
leh.!! Ken lah huchi tuan in le ka thei kei. Nidang teng sang in,
koipeuh ah a paihoih deuh ta hi lou hiam? New Lamka lamte'n veng dang
paihoih chi, veng dang te'n lah New Lamka pai hoih chi a hazaat bawl
pawl bang om hi leng kilawm. Ministerpu leng I demdemna ua; amah hong
om chiang beek in meipai hoih zou kei lai leh, bang mah lou suah zel
di hang a maw? A hun lel thei lou houh I hi zaw duam maw? Bible in
lungkimna neilou suulhuut a chih tawh ka teh.
- 9862353637
July ni 30, 2009 ni in Load shedding ni hinapi in Jan dak 7:00 in
Electric hung vahta meizen ei. Kisuanlah huai ngei e. Kisuanlahhuai
ban ah poi kasa ngawt mei hi. Aziah chu load shedding ni a meivah
zatmei chu Manipur Govt. in sum leh pai tam mangta law ding hi veh aw.
Manipur Govt. in Bible tangthu theisiam mahmah ahi ve!! Joseph hunlai
a Egypt gam a kial kum 7 a tun ding Joseph in Pharo a hilha; kum 7
sung buh kholkhawm ding, hu dungzui in Egypt in a bawl a; kum 7 sung
kial hungtung petmah sung in ann neh ding ki ning ching a nei va; kial
a phawhpha sih uhi. Hichu, Gen.37:18-36 leh 41:5-36 sung ah imu hi.
Hutoh bang in tu nung sawtlou in misiangthou (gingtute) lah touh ahih
nung chiang in, leitung khu a huai se gawp diing a; nite hate, ahsite
zong hung mial veh ding chih zong Bible a a um hi. Gingloute, laahtouh
hilou ten huchi bang mialnuai a vah a zat ding uh Govt. in a kholkhawm
ahi. Gingloute lahtouh a umlou dingte khualna in load shedding kibawl
hoih mahmah ahi. Huziah in gingloute rapture hun a lahtoh louh a
nutsiatte khualna in tunung leh load shedding (power saving) chu nasa
zaw sem in govt. in bawl henla, kal khat sung in ni 6(guup) load
shedding hi henla, ni khat chauh meivah ki mu leh chih ka deih dan ka
hung kum hi. Manipur Govt. in gingloute lahtouh louhte a khual mahmah
ua, kipahpih huai ei.
- K.D. Thangsin Sahei Rd. Nlk Vengnuam.
Electrict pai ngei lou, Lamka vaangkhua ah! Nasa khe zou, Hehpihhuai LAMKA..!!!
- L. Martin Xymte. BB Hills (9615701529)
AngelsVision & LAMKATIMES aw MIPI' AW non patkhiat uh na kisiik kei
duu chaw Aa khai! Mipi aw chu tulai in a ngaihta (loud) khop mai a
maw. Ka ngak lah thei si…. Hon bansan rengreng kei ua, huaisang in Hon
UPLOAD zelzel ua blog ah aw. A nuam tel
- REAL ZOMI (09957801310)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Deputy Director,

Officeof Controller of Tech. Education,

Govt. of Manipur, Takyel, Imphai- 795001,



The name of the institutes:



Bengal Engineering College, Howrah :Arch -1



Assam Engg. College, Guwahati: Mech-2, Elect-3.

Jorhat Engg. College, Jorhat: Mech - 1



Govt. Engg. College, Ujjain : Enics-2

Govt. Engg. College, Rewa :Enics-1



Govt. Engg. College, Bilaspur: Enics 2



Lukhdhiji College of Engg, Morbi :Elect-3, Mech-4

Govt. Engg. College, Modasa : Elect-3

AR College of Pharmacy& G H Patel Inst. of Pharmacy., Vallabh Vidyanagar :Phar-2



Govt. Engg. College, Ponda :Elect-3




Govt. College of Pharmacy, Amravati : Phar-1

Bharati Kala Prasarini Sabha's College of Architecture ,Pune :Arch.1

Mumbai Cdlege of Pharmacy, Santacruz(E), Mumbai : Phar-1

Dattajirao Kadam Tech. Ed. Soc.'s Textile 8 Engg Inst., Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur :Enics E -1

Excecilla Ed .Sods Kavikulguru Instt. of Tech. 8 Science, Ramtek, Nagpur -441 106: Comp. T -2

Gondia Edu, Soc's Manoharbhai Patel Inst. Of Engg &Tech, Gondia-441614, Bhandara: Comp. T -1

Gramodik Sh. Sanstha's Marathwada Instt. of Tech Auranagabad -431 005: Comp.S&E- 1.

Janata Shikshan Baba Sahib Naik College of Engg, Pusad -445215: Comp. S&E -1

Jawahar E.Soc.'s Annasaheb C.Patel College of Engg,, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai: Enics E -1

Jawahar Lal Nehru Instt. of Ed, Sc &Tech., lnidra Gandhi Engg. College, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai: Comp.E -1

K.J.Somaiya College of Engg., Viyanagar, Mumbai-400077: Enics E -1

K.K.Wagh Edu. Soc.K.K.Wagh College of Engg., Panchavati, Nashik -422003: Comp.E - 1, Enics E -1

Kasegaon Edu, Soc's College of Engg 8 Poly., Sakharale, Tal Wahre, Dist. Sangli -415414: Enics E -1

Konkan Dnyapith's College of Engg, Market Yard, Dahivali Kajrat, Dist. Raigad -410201: Comp.E -1

Konkan Edu Society's Engg College, Pen, Dist Raigad -402107: Enics E -1

Lok Manya Tibk Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha Priyadarshini College of Engg., Nagpur: ,Enics E - 2




Kakatiya University Cdlege of Pharmaceutical Science., Warangal :Phar-2


Jawaharlal Nehru Tech. Universrty, Hyderabad :Arch.-2




B M S College of Engg., Bangalore :Enics. & Comm.4, Mech.4


National Institute of Engg., Mysore :Enics. & Comm.-5


Sri Jayachamarajendra Cdlege of Engg., Mysore :Comp S&E.4, Mech.4


Malnad College of Engg., Hassan : Elect. & Enics.4

KBN Cdlege of Engg, Gulbarga -585104: Comp S&E -1

Sidaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur -572103: Comp S&E -1

Sir MV Instilute of Technology, Bangalore- 560052: Comp S&E -2

Sri Sidartha Institute of Technology, Maralur, Tumkur -572105 :Comp S&E -1

Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum: Comp S&E -1




Govt. Engineering College, Kottayam: Elect & Enics -3

Govt. Engineering College ,Thrissur: Chem.- 2, Elect & Enics-3




Coimbatore Insbtute of Technology, Coimbatore :Comp.T & Infts..-2

Thiagarajar Col lege of Engg., Madurai :Elect. & Enics-6

Cdlege of Engg.&Technology, Muthuvamalingam :Elect & Enics-5



Pond. Engg. College, Pondicherry :Comp S&E-2, Enics & Comm.-2, Mech.-1






Elect-Electrical Engg

Mech-Mecanical Engg


Chem-Chemical Engg

Enics-Electronics Engg

Enics & Comm-Electronics & Communication Engg

Elect & Enics-Electrical & Electrinics Engg

Comp T-Computer Technology

Comp S&E-Computer Science & Engg














The Director,

Higher 8 Technical Education Deptt.,

Govt. of Mizoram, Aiial, Mac Donald Hill- 796002.



E: Engineering; S: Science; T: Technology


The name of the institutes:



Jomat Engg. College, Jomat: Comp S&E-2, Elect-3, Mech-2



Govt. Engg. College, Bhopal: Enics-1

Madhav Institute of Tech. 1Science, Gwalior :Enics-1



L. D. College of Engg., Ahmedabad: Elect-2

Dharmsingh Desai Institute Of Technology, Nadiad :Civil-3

Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya, Vallabh Viiyanagar :Enics-2



J J College of Architecture , Mumbai :Arch-1

Govt. College of Engg.,Aurangabad :Civil-1

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological Univ., Lonere, Raigad :Elect -1

Sardar Patel Cdlege of Engg., Andheri ( W), Mumbai :Elect.-1

Viiria Jubilee Tech Inst., Matunga, Mumbai :Elect-1

Agnel Charities Fr.Conceico Roadrigues Inst. of Tech., Vashi, Navi Mumbai: C0mp.E- 1, Enics 81TC- 1

All India S.S.M.Society's Cdlege of Engg., Daund, Pune: Enics- 1

Amrutvahini College of Engg., Amtutnagar, Sangamner, Dist. Ahmednagar -422608 :C0mp.E -1

Anjuman - I - Islam's S.M.H Saboo Siddik College of Engg, Byculla, Mumbai -400008: Enics -1

Ankush Shiishan Sanstha's Ankush Come of Engg., Pande Layout, Nagpur - 440022: Enics E - 1.

Bansilal Ramnath Agamal Charitable Trust's Vishwakarma Instt. of Tech., Bibwewadi, Pune -41 1037: C0mp.E -1, Enics E -1

Bharti Viiyapeeth's Cdlege of Engg .Dhankawadi ,Pune-41 1043: C0mp.E -1

Bharti Viiyapeeth's College of Engg, Vashi ,Navi Mumbai -400614: C0mp.E - 1, Enics 8 TC E -1

CUSRO Wadia lnst of Tech, - 19, Bund Rd .Pune-41 1050: Enics & TC E -1


D.Y.Patil College of Engg &Tech., Basaba Bavada, Kolhapur: Comp E -1, Enics E -1

Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Engg, Pimpri, Pune -411018: C0mp.E -1, Enics E -1

Dr. J.J Magdum Cdlege of Engg, Jaisinghpur, Kdhapur: Enics E - 1.

Excecilla Ed .Sods Kavikulguru Instt. of Tech. & Science, Ramtek, Nagpur -441106: Enics E -1.

Gondia Edu, Soc's Manoharbhai Patel Inst. Of Engg &Tech, Gondia441614,Bhandara :Enics E -1

Gramodik Sh. Sanstha's Marathwada Instt. of Tech Auranagabad -431 005: Enics E -1

Mahatma Gandhi M i ' s College of Engg ,Kamothe, Navi Mumbai : Enics 8 TC E -1

Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College of Engg, Near Airport, Hingdi Rd, Nanded: Enics &TC E -1

Mahatma Gandhi Mission's Jawaharlal Nehru Engg College of Engg, Aurangabad: Enics & TC E -1

Manjara Charitable Trust College of Engg, Airoli, Navi Mumbai:, Enics & TC E -1

Nagaon Ed. Trust's Gangamai College of Engg, Nagaon, Dist. Dhule: Enics & TC E -1



lndira Gandhi Institute of Technobgy,Sarang :Elect-2



Jawahadal Nehru Tech. University ,Hyderabad :Arch.-3, CiviM, Elect. 8 Enics -2



PES College of Engg., Mandya : Civil-6, Comp S/T/E-3, Enics &Com.4

Dr. Ambedkar Inst, of Tech., Bangalore :CiviU, Comp S&E-4, Enics & Comm.4

Univ. Vishveswaraya College of Engg., Bangalore :Civil-6, Comp. S/T/E-4, Mech.-3



College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram: Arch-1, Civil4

Govt. College of Engineering, Kannur: Civil-1



Govt. College of Engg., Tirunelheli :Comp. S&E-5, Elect.8 Enics.4

Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore :C0mp.T &Infts..-2, Elect.&Enics-3

NB: A theibeih nuam or chiangzaw a thei nuamte'n lamkatimes@gmail.com a kanthei gige ding
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