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Friday, June 26, 2009

MTC ngetna dungzui in BANDH tawpkiksak

Lamka, June 25: All Manipur Hill District Council Welfare Association
(AMHDCWA) pawl in Manipur tanggam teng June 26, 2009 zingkal dak 5
apat June 27, 2009 zingkal dak 5 tan, dakkal 24 sung bandh a puan uh
Manipur Tribal Council (MTC) ngetna bang in tawpkik uhi.
Manipur Tribals' Council (MTC) toh kithuah a Tribal Research
Institute (TRI), Govt. of Manipur in Synod Hall, IB Road a June 26-27,
2009 sung in 'SC/ST Atrocities (Prevention) Act 1989' toh kisai
seminar-cum-training a sai ding ziak ua AMHDCWA kiang a bandh tawpkik
dia a nget uh ahi.
Hiai seminar-cum-training ahihleh June 26 zing dak 9:30 in honkhiak
hi ding a, huai ah chief guest in TD Minister Thaisi leh functional
president in MTDC chairman T. Manga Vaiphei pang ding hi.

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