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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ban cellphones and tattoos in schools, says MZP

Aizawl, March 9: Mizo Zirlai Pawl, the State's apex students body, urged the State Government to ban cellphones and tattoos in schools. "As the use of cellphones in schools can lead to child pornography, we urge the government to strictly prohibit students from carrying cellphones to schools," said a statement of MZP.
The Mizo students association also voiced concern over the growing popularity of tattoos among the children. "Many young boys and girls are found getting tattoos on their bodies. This is a bad culture, unhealthy for ones health and can cause problems. The authorities must take steps to ban this culture among the students," the MZP said.
Earlier, the students body has urged the State Government to fix a dress code for schools and colleges to prevent girls from wearing leg-baring mini skirts and boys from underwear-exposing low-waist pants. The MZP also feels that the growing awareness on child rights have caused problems in disciplining disobedient students, sticking to the concept of Save the rod, spoil the child. "The awareness of child rights can encourage students to disobey their teachers as they feel the law prevents them from any kind of punishment. Many students have abused their rights by reporting to their parents about the punishment they got in school much worse than they actually was," MZP president VL Krosshnehzova said.
The MZP, therefore, urged that an extensive awareness campaign takes place before taking any step to impose prohibition of corporal punishment in schools. (UNI)

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