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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pioneers to receive Gospel light in Ccpur district fondly remembered

From M Kaimuanthang
Lamka Mar 22: People of Churachandpur fondly remembered and paid homage to Thangkai Vaiphei and Lungpau Vaiphei who were the first to embrace Chritianity and through their act, begin the process of spreading the light of the world to the hitherto ignorant people.
The impressive and well attended functions in remembrance to the duo was held at Synod Hall located at IB Raod from 11 am and was attended by T Hangkhanpau MLA from the 60 A/C as well as T Manga Vaiphei MLA Henglep, both of whose fathers have been recorded as longest serving reverences and missionaries during their haydays.

The function was also attended by members from communities of different churches, denominations and people from all walks of life apart from retired pastors and elders many of whom knew the two personally.

T Hangkhanpau while addressing the gatherings pointed out that he has been blessed due to his father's deeds while on this earth in serving God without any grudge or complaints inspite of immense hardships of everyday life in poverty.

He paid respect to the two pioneers while continuing to say that it is the light of civilisation that they have spreaded to humankind.

He later presented a special gift to the families of Thangkai and Lungpau with steel almirah and mementos worth around Rs 35,000 while presenting a red blanket to the villages chiefs of Maite and Phaipheng from where the duo hails from.

In todays functions five representatives of Vaiphei Church denomination and 21 Vaiphei retired pastors were also present and were presented with a red blanket each .
He also helped the Vaiphei Peoples Council, VPC, with Rs 20,000.

It may be mentioned that Thangkai was born in the year 1881 and after working as a missionary, died in the year 1969 while Lungpau was born in the year 1882.

He committed his adult life to the cause of Christian enlightenment the he breathed his last in 1984.

It may be noted Christianity first made a mark in Manipur through the pioneering works of missionary William Pettigrew in Ukhrul district.(IFP)

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