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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ADC vote counting in CCpur today

From Kaimuanthang
Lamka, June 21(IFP) : Counting of votes for the rencently conducted Autonomous District Council , ADC, (MDC) election will be held tomorrow at the DC / Ccpur office campus from 8 am as well.

The counting will be performed in 12 tables in an alphabetical order of the constituencies name said an official sources
The counting will be done for 15 constituencies out of the 24 ADC seats in ccpur while 9 others need no more counting as the candidates have none to contend with after most of the persons who fielded as contenders beat retreat in a dramatical development.

Thus the nine contestants mostly from the INC candidates have been elected unopposed already.

As a result only 15 candidates have been left behind on the fray and taking a clue from sources of polling proceeds chances of the INC winning most of the seats are high yet is open to one and all to wait and see.

With stages set ready for the counting tomorrow the much awaited result could be at every ones disposal.

ADC vote counting for all hill districts begins amidst tight security

IMPHAL, June 22(IFP): Counting of vote for the ADC election held for five hills districts of the state have started from today amidst tight security measures at the office premise of Imphal West DC office, Lamphel.

The counting of vote that commenced from early morning today is still underway till the filing of this reports and it is likely to continue till tomorrow.

According to reports provided by the concerned authority, till 8 pm today, the INC is leading with 32 of its candidature being elected while 18 Independent candidates have so far been declared elected. 

The NCP and Trinamool Congress have open their accounts winning one each seat.

Counting for Sadar hills DCC, Chandel DCC, Senapati and Ukhrul were reportedly over however the counting for Churachandpur and Tamenglong DCC are yet to be over.

It may be recalled that out of 24 DCC 12 seat were earlier declared duly elected as un-contested for Sadar Hills DCC while the remaining 12 was declared today which includes 8 Independent, 4 INC.

Similarly 12 DCC was earlier declared elected as un-contest for Senapati while 6 DCC remained vacant. Out of the remaining 6 seats two DCC were declared nil today and out of the four seats elected two were bagged by the INC and two seats by the Independent candidate.

For Ukhrul district out of 24 DCC seats 20 seats were earlier declared elected un-contest but two remained vacant while out of the two seats reaming INC and NCP bagged one each.

Out of the 12 remaining seats for Chandel DCCs, eight seats were bagged by the INC and three by Independent.

For Tamenglong district, the counting of votes was over for only 14 DCC out of 20 DCC while 4 were earlier declared elected as un-contest. Out of the 14 seats declared today 11 seats were bagged by INC and three by Independent.

In the meantime, glorification of the Congress by a achieving absolute majority at the recently held election to the Members of District Council in 52-Tamei sub-Division all nine congress candidates from nine constituency out of 10 constituencies of the Tamei Assembly were felicitated by the local public and leaders of the Congress party during a simple gathering held at the residential complex of former minister Z Mangaibou at Langol Tarung village this evening.

Attending at the function, former minister Z Mangaibou stated that success of all nine Congress candidature in nine constituency of the MDC under Tamei assembly constituency will surely strengthen the activities of the Congress party towards the welfare and development of the areas in the future.

He also gave his words of appreciations to all Congress candidates in the constituency who have honestly fought election to the District Councils at the very constituency despite of serious threats and obligations both from the armed and unarmed organizations.

Later, social worker Athuan Abonmei in his speech mentioned that the success of the Congress candidates  shows the need of the people to preserve the democracy in the region and the success of nine Congress candidates in 10 constituencies shows the impotency of threats and obligations from some sections of organizations. This overwhelming success of the Congress party has shown that people of the region wanted development and peace.

Later, all the nine successful Congress candidates from Tamei Assembly Constituency made their common observations to go jointly to every aspects of administrations towards bringing development in the region.

Our correspondent adds from Churachandpur: Seven INC candidates have been elected as MDC with one from the Trinamool Congress as well as another one from the Independant candidates respectively in the votes counting of election held earlier today in the DC/ Ccpur office premises which has started from 8 am .

The vote count has started with 1 / Khousabung ADC which soon ended with the winnings of Thangkhomang from the Trinamool Congress , TC, which may very well be taken as bad omen for candidates of consttituencies the counting of which is yet to follow .He secured as many as 2334 routing his nearest rival P Soiliankhum Vaiphei who got 2128.

The successive result declared have turn the balance in favour of the Indian National Congress , INC , disppelling the anxiety of many INC hopeful candidates .

As soon as the 2/ Leimatak ADC result were Demmang Haokip an INC candidates emerged victorious by getting 2480 votes. P Paukham stood second getting 2062.

The same trend of success was followed suit when Paolal an INC Candidates from the 3 Henglep constituencies got again elected . The NCP candidates Thenkhohau have secured 1397 and ranked second.

The next result was success after success in favour of the INC with Genneikhup from the 4 /Chongkhojou ADC winning after getting 3395 votes . H. Jamkhanpau Simte INC from 5/Thanlon have got 3859 and won against his sole contenders L Howpu NCP candidates getting 2317.

From 6 / Parbung Lalhmangpui INC Candidates too got elected after getting 1644 votes .Lalhossan of the same INC candidates from 7/ Vangai ADC have also won by getting 2576 votes . Sumlianthang from the INC have also got elected from 8/ Lanva constituency.

The last none congress to have won the MDC election are Lalditsang of an Independent candidates from Senvon ADC .There are altogather 15 polling stations The DC / CCpur have declared 144 CrPc into the the town areas till the counting of votes are over.

Nine INC candidates have all been declared elected uncontest in the initial stages They are Mangchinkhup from New Lamka West , Goujamang New Lamka East , Khaikhanmung Zenhang Lamka , Ms Zamngaihching Mualtam , Pauminlian Haopi Range , Suanchinpau Lungthul , Langkhanpau Tuivai , M Ginzapau Ngajam , T Sianzadong Singngat.

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