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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AMSU delegation visits Mizoram

IMPHAL, June 22(IFP): A delegation of the AMSU visited the office of the MZP (Mizoram students body) to apprise of the present situation in Manipur that has risen out of the unwarranted blockade of both the National Highways, NH-39 & NH-53, which are the life-lines of Manipur.

In a release, the AMSU said the whole population of the state were kept at ransom for more than two months by the economic blockade which was against any form of humanitarianism. The AMSU feels that the suspension of the blockade is not sufficient as res-imposition of the same looms large.

The AMSU remains indebted to MZP for their effort in organizing a press conference where AMSU could clarify many intricate issues revolving around the current blockade, the release said adding the students body is willing to host a direct talk with the NSF and AMSU under the aegis of the NESO as proposed by the MZP.

The AMSU also alleged that the central government has not been doing much to diffuse the situation and this intervention has been a little too late as the damage had already been done. The AMSU accused central government of igniting the unwanted issues due to which it resulted in such an ugly situation.

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