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Thursday, July 9, 2009

CCpur students boycott Ranjit

S Singlianmang Guite
Lamka, Jul 8: Peeved over his denial of having any knowledge on the handing over of Guite Road to BRO, several student bodies based in Churachandpur today demanded the resignation of Works Minister K Ranjit, and boycotted the Minister as well as the PED Department with effect from tomorrow.
A joint statement issued by Churachandpur District Students Union and the Zomi Students Federation said a joint meeting of the student organizations and its constituent bodies today took a strong exception and a serious view over the failure on the part of the Government in tendering an acceptable apology as was demanded.
The CDSU and the ZSF had earlier issued an ultimatum to the Government for apology on the alleged remarks made by K Ranjit on the floor of the House that he was not aware of the Cabinet decisions with regards to the handing over Guite Road construction to the BRO.
Resolutions adopted today by the joint student bodies include boycott of Works Minister and the PWD Department Churachandpur division and all works undertaken by the Department. It also demanded the resignation of the Minister as his pretended ignorance was a tantamount to negligence of duty and suppression of his predecessors decisions.
The statement also declared that they will be at liberty to intensify their ongoing democratic agitation at any point of time.
Handing over over of Guite Road as well as other interior roads in the district to the BRO has been a long standing demands of the different student bodies here.
It may even now be one of the rarest consistent demands Churachandpur has made to the State Government, surpassing even the demand for local self Government or the Autonomous District Council, but the Government has still opted to discard the public sentiments.(TSE)

From M Kaimuanthang
Lamka, July 8: The Churachandpur District Students Union, CDSU, the Zomi Students Federation, ZSF and its other constituent in a joint meeting held today delcared boycott of works minister K Ranjit Singh for his failure to tender an apology over his statement that he was not aware of the Cabinet decision on handing over the Guite Road Construction to the BRO.
In ths connection he was given three days time by the CDSU and by the ZSF 48 hrs to make a clarification on his statement on the floor of the House.
Subsequent to the boycott the body will stop all undergoing works under the PWD, Churachandpur from the 9th of this month along with the department itself.
The body has demanded the minister to resign from his post as he was not aware of the decision taken earlier by the Cabinet pertaining to his decision and viewed him as pretending ignorance, neglecting duties and suppressing his predeccesors decision.
The body is going to intensify its ongoing democratic agitation at any time and asked all the contractors and agencies to comply with this while warning of dire consequences in case of failure to obey their orders.(IFP)

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